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Already Committed: The 2012 Recruits That Gave Verbal Commitments

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The 2012 recruiting class highlights Kyle Anderson, Perry Ellis, Andre Drummond and other top recruits. Some of them are going to wait to the last minute to commit to a program. However, it's a few players that already committed.

I don't agree with early commitment or like to take it into consideration. The main reason is because, once the recruits improve, they want to decommit and hear about other offers.

It's happened with Austin Rivers and Florida. Not to mention, it's already happen in the 2012 recruiting class to a few athletes.

But, here are the athletes that are already committed.

PG Kellen Dunham, Butler Bulldogs
Brad Stevens was one of the first coaches on the sideline at his games. After an offer by Wright State, Butler sent its offer. Dunham is regarded as one of the best shooters in the 2012 recruiting class. He has great size for a college point guard. He is 6-foot-3, long and agile. Dunham has great ball-handling skills that he uses when getting to rim and finishing strong. On the defensive end, his length is very beneficial. However, his lateral quickness is not up-to-par.

PG Kyle Molock, Purdue Boilemakers

Molock fits the shooting guard description. There were countless times where I witnessed Molock just come up the court and score the basketball without looking for his teammates. That is something he definitely needs to clean up. He is equipped with decent vision but should look to clean up his passing skills. Some of the decisions he makes is questionable. However, overall he is a great prospect. He is a very good shooter and scorer in every sense of the word.

SG Marcel Davis, Utah State Aggies
He is an under-sized two guard and at some point he should work his way to the one. Davis is 6-foot-2 with the ability to score on every offensive possession. His vision and passing skills are very weak but he is only a junior and will have a ton of time to improve it. When it's time to sign the paper, Davis could be a whole new player. He has the ability to transform into a point guard. If that happens, I think the Aggies have a steal.

SG Rapheal Davis, Purdue Boilermakers
Davis is a big-time shooting guard. He has a strong physical body that he uses to overpower players when he gets into the lane. This tells you how strong he can finish around the rim. Along with that, Davis can score in a lot of ways. He makes his teammates better and get's into passing lanes. Davis will maintain himself as a top prospect in the 2012 class.

SG Larry Lewis, USC Trojans
Lewis is a big-time athlete. He is listed as a shooting guard but has the ability to play the point. He will need to clean up his poor vision. Nevertheless, there is one thing that Larry Lewis does well and that's score. He has great handle, soft touch and a decent jump shot.

SF Sam Dekker, Wisconsin Badgers
Dekker is still a little under the radar, but should rise after this year. Dekker a 6-foot-7 wing threat is very long. He is always energized and always ready to contribute. At the Fab 48 tournament this past week, he showed off his true ability. His long frame will allow him to lock down on defenders. Now it's all about adding bulk and lateral quickness.

SF Jordan Goodman, Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Goodman is one of the best forwards this class has to offer. He is a 6-foot-8 wing threat that could play the power forward position if needed. This shows you how versatile he can be. He has the ability to knock down jumpers. I've seen him stretch the defense to the high school three numerous times. Not to mention, he has the ability to drive the lane and finish strong around the rim.

SF Eli Lubick, Colgate Raiders
Eli Lubick is the younger brother of Georgetown freshman Nate Lubick. However, they are definitely two different players. Eli is a 6-foot-4 forward and guard. Instead of waiting for colleges to offer him, he decided Colgate was the best place for him. He said "When I was there I liked it so much I just feel like no matter how good I get that's the place I want to be," he told

PF Zach Peters, Kansas Jayhawks
After a State Championship, Peters gave a verbal commitment to Kansas. Peters is a 6-foot-9 power forward. He will have the ability to play on the wing if he gains lateral quickness. He has the ability to knock down jump-shots as well as post up. He will be a great reliever for the Morris twins.

PF Jalen Robinson, West Virginia Mountaineers 

Robinson is a great low post option. He has soft touch as well as an array of post moves. On offense, he is hard to figure out. Once you think you got a hold on what he is doing, he makes you look foolish. Not to mention, he has the ability to step out and hit jumpers. His motor is one of the question marks headed into his junior season.

PF Jay Simpson, Purdue Boilemakers
Simpson is considered one of the best prospects in Illinois. His huge 6-foot-8, 225 pound frame solidifies their compliments. Sampson runs well in transition, where he finds his teammates or finishes strong. He displays solid defense but his lack of explosiveness is a red flag. Instead of throwing everything down and leaping to make key blocks, Simpson hasn't displayed that ability yet.

PF Richard Smith, Kent State Golden Flashes
When Smith ends his high school career, I believe he will be a small forward. He has good ball-handling skills and post-up moves. Once he adds a jump shot, Smith will be equipped with a great inside-out game. He is 6-foot-7 playing the power forward position. But if he expects to advance to the next level, he needs to grow out of the power forward position and play the three.

C Steven Adams, Pittsburgh Panthers
Adams has the chance to be considered the No. 1 overall center in the 2012 class. He has already achieved so much as a soon-to-be junior. Adams is an absolute vacuum on the boards. His 7-foot frame allows him to grab just about every rebound. On the offensive end, he has the ability to score a lot of points down low. Adams brings a physical post presence to the Panthers. It wouldn't be surprising to see him decommit.

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  1. Dunham is a 6-4 shooting guard.

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