Monday, July 12, 2010

Alabama's Trevor Releford Is Looking To Fill Mikhail Torrance's Shoes

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
Last season, Alabama was able to pull out a decent season because of their guard Mikhail Torrance.

Torrance did it all. He shared the ball, rebounded and scored. 

There were only three games throughout the season where he was not able to score in double-digits. 

What made Torrance so good was his ability to step up in big games. 

When playing top-tier talent, Torrance always brought his A-game with a little more pizazz. 

He was a great shooter and made all the right plays for his team to stay competitive.

Unfortunately, his services aren't available anymore. He is off to the NBA and Alabama has a proposed guard to fill his shoes.

Trevor Releford is a 6-foot point guard from Bishop Miege High School in Kansas City, KS.

Releford is unique in many ways. He has the scoring edge at the guard position but he can also create for others as he would create for himself.

He has the complete feel for the point guard position. In watching him, I witnessed a complete floor general that controlled the game.

He does well at managing the clock and keeping the game at a speed where his team is effective.

He has the great speed that he incorporates well in his game and beats defenders off the dribble a lot. 

More often than not, you will see a defender trying to play him close. By looking at him you do not think he is the fastest thing, but once that happens either the defender is on the floor or going the other way after a sweet crossover.

When he gets in the paint, he uses his body to finish or a nifty lay-up that cannot be contested.

Since he is a smaller defender, he often tricks the frontier players out with fancy lay-ups. 

Actually, to be much smaller than the opposition, Releford scores a lot in the paint.

He does have a nice shot. He has the ability to consistently shoot from mid-range, but it's more of developing a three-point jumper.

On defense, he is a solid defender with the chance to be great. He is quick on his feet and loves to jump passing lanes. He has a high basketball I.Q. and knows when to go for steals and blocks.

He displays perfect timing on defense and that is a dimension the Alabama backcourt craved before Releford.

With Releford's talent level, he has the ability to surpass Torrance. With steady improvement and added bulk, he will be able to surpass him in a few years.


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