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2011 College Basketball Recruiting Report: Virginia Tech Hokies

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The Virginia Tech will be a major player this season in the 2010-11 season. They didn't lose any players but they did gain. However, after this season, most of their top players are going to graduate. This means that the future recruits are starting to bring more importance.

The Hokies have done a great job thus far of acquiring 'verbal' commitments and brought in another recruit as well.

Here is a look at what Seth Greenberg has done with the 2011 recruiting class. 

Verbal Commitments 

G Marquis Rankin 6'1''

Rankin is a very quick guard that strives in transition. He is often seen pushing the ball up the court in transition and make plays. He attacks the rim and likes to dunk every chance he gets. On defense, he gets in the passing lanes and even showed the ability to be a decent weak-side shot blocker.

G Robert Brown 6'4''

Brown is a great addition on the wing. He has the ability to be a great slasher and plays with energy all the time. He has soft hands in the post where he displays great finishing skills around the rim. Not to mention, in transition he is a must-have.

F C.J. Barksdale 6'7''

Barksdale is equipped with long arms and that helps with rebounding. He has the ability to snatch down a lot of rebounds and put it back. He is also a treat on defense. Because of his long frame he has the ability to block and alter a lot of shots.

F Paul Jesperson 6'7''

Jesperson actually committed to the Hokies program today. He is a solid wing threat that will grow into a decent contributor at the next level. He effects the game by scoring, rebounding and sharing the basketball. That is what he is going to bring to the Hokies' off the wing.


*G Damien Leonard
Although it seems Arizona is his favorite, Virginia Tech is listed in his top-five schools.

G Deuce Bello
Bello seems like a long shot at Virginia Tech.

G Myles Mack
No favorite insight, but V-Tech certainly still has a chance. But his recruitment is nowhere near to ending.

G Bishop Daniels
The Hokies offered the explosive leaper a scholarship but I don't think he considers them a huge player in his recruiting.

G Durand Johnson
Johnson has received an offer from the Hokies, but they're not in his top-three. 

*G Derrick Wilson
Wilson has interest in the program however, no offer made.

G Jarrod Davis
His named his final three schools and none of them were Virginia Tech.

F Andrew Nicholas
Once he decommitted from Rutgers, Nicholas listed Penn State and St. Joseph's as his favorites. 

*F Dorian Finney-Smith
When Finney-Smith lowered his list to six teams, he listed Virginia Tech. He has a great deal of interest and could be playing there after this season.

F Derrick Randell
He is enjoying a lot of the attention from Rutgers. 

F Mikael Hopkins
Hopkins has a lot of interest in West Virginia because of his relationship with Larry Harrison. But recruitment is wide open.

F Adjehi Baru
Baru was won over early by four schools. Virginia Tech wasn't amongst them.

F Nick Jacobs
Jacobs has high interest in Georgia. It seems like that's where he is going.

C Desmond Hubert
'Nova and Pitt has won him over thus far. Hubert may still be insight but it seems like he kicked V-Tech out of his recruiting.

*C Deng Leek
Leek recruiting is wide open! The Hokies haven't made an offer but he does have interest in the program.

*C Blaise Mbargorba
Even though he said he wasn't focusing too much on recruiting, he reports that he has interest in Virginia Tech.


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  2. what about dai-jon parker? from what I understand he is very interested in the Hokies and they are recruiting him hard.

  3. Parker is interesting. I don't think he has as much interest as you think. That doesn't mean he isn't interested either. He said plenty of times that he is no where near making a decision oh his recruiting. But, if you know something I don't I would love to hear it.

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Jacobs probably won't go to Georgia. His top 3 are Miami, Alabama and Georgia and I feel like that is in order.

    Also Derrick Wilson has an offer from VT.


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