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2010-11' College Hoops: Ranking The Top Freshman Guards

Posted by CoHoops DeAnte Mitchell
The 2010 recruiting class was filled with a lot of talent. You have the extraordinary talent of Harrison Barnes, Brandon Knight, Josh Selby, C.J Leslie, Kyrie Irving and more.

Unlike most classes, these athletes hoist pure guard skills coming out of high school.

The guards' skill that they inherit will be showcased once the College Basketball season comes around. Here are the top freshman guards in the country.

5'10'' G Phil Pressey, Missouri
Pressey is the quickest guard in this class. His ability to push the tempo and score in transition fits Missouri's style of play. He has the ability to rise up on defenders at 5-foot-10 and finish strong. As well as hit jumpers outside the arc. On defense, he reads the offense well and steps in to passing lanes.

6'0'' G Trevor Releford, Alabama
Releford is one of the more explosive guards in the country. He has a solid 6-foot frame with noticeable bulk. With that comes his ability to drive the ball and finish aggressively. For a 6-foot guard, he scores around the paint more often than not. His quick crossovers, spins and fakes keeps the defender from checking him tight. Once Releford develops a consistent three-point jumper, he will be tough to defend.

6'4'' Kendall Marshall, North Carolina
Marshall has excellent size for a point guard. He is 6-foot-4 with leadership ability. The crafty lefty has great ball-handling skills to commend his vision and passing ability. He also stretches the floor. His ability to shoot the ball brings a dimension to the Tar Heels backcourt. As long as he keeps expanding his range and develop his right hand, Marshall can be a great lead guard for the Tar Heels.

6'0'' Joe Jackson, Memphis
Jackson is a big-time playmaker out of the backcourt. The first time I witness Jackson play, I couldn't help but notice his explosive leaping ability. With that, he has the ability to play above the rim. When driving to the lane he is always looking to throw it down. But when he doesn't get to the lane, he uses the pick-and-pop to score the bucket. Not to mention, he does thread the needle with his passes.

6'0'' Ryan Harrow, North Carolina State 
Harrow is one of the most underrated guards in this class. He is very good when utilizing the whole floor. With that, he finds teammates and score. No doubt, Harrow is the best ball-handler in the class. He has one of the quickest crossovers, displays great footwork and his change of direction is just amazing.

6'1'' Ray McCallum Jr., Detroit
McCallum Jr. is an all-around threat out of the backcourt. He displays great shooting ability that stretches the defense. However, he is very aggressive. McCallum Jr. uses crossovers to free up space and attack the lane. That when he finishes with a sweet layup or a dunk. He times steals very well and finishes in transition. He does need to develop his left hand though. 

6'3'' Corey Joseph, Texas
Joseph is a big time scoring threat out of the backcourt. His ability to shoot the ball brings another dimension to the Texas Longhorns. He gets great lift on his shot and if you give him the slightest room, he will fire up a shot. He is also a great pick-and-pop option. As well as playing the role of aggressor. 

6'3'' Josh Selby, Kansas
Selby isn't really a pure point guard but he does one thing better than anybody behind him, and that's score. Selby has the ability to be aggressive and finish through contact at the rim. His ability to play both the one and two brings versatility to the Kansas backcourt. He is at his best when he utilizes the whole floor. That way he can plan his attack and make plays.

6'4'' Brandon Knight, Kentucky
Knight, the Gatorade Player of the Year decided to make his college choice Kentucky. With that, I expect him to blossom. Knight has the ability to score every time he touches the ball. But lately, Knight has been finding his teammates. Knight is transforming into an all-around threat. He was already equipped with a jump shot, now the passing and vision skills solidify Knight as a top guard.

6'2'' Kyrie Irving, Duke
Did you watch the Jordan Brand Classic game? Irving ran circles around all the other top guards. On multiple occasions, Irving made Knight, Joseph and Selby look silly. His ability to handle the ball is amazing. Not to mention, he has great size, a jump shot and a knack for setting his teammates up. Irving is praised as the next Jason Williams. But I'm going to praise him as the top freshman guard in the country.

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