Thursday, June 17, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Why Purdue Will be the Team to Beat in 2010-11''

Despite going down much earlier than expected last season in a 70 to 57 loss to the Blue Devils of Duke, the Boilers are ready to make a run at next season's Big Ten Title.

Heading into the Big Ten tournament last year, it looked as if Purdue was the team to beat until star player Robbie Hummel went down. 

He is and always has been their catalyst so, of course, it pretty much deflated all the hopes of making a tournament run.

However, the Boilers are back with the main core of their team from last year's successful regular season. 

They return Moore and Johnson after declaring from the draft and backing out, and Hummel is, obviously, coming back from the injury. Also, look for incoming Sophmore John Hart and D.J. Byrd to have an impact on the upcoming season.

The one arguement, though, could be the loss of four time Big Ten All-Defensive Team player, Chris Kramer.

One of the aspects that the team from Lafeyette seemed to play at an elite level was their defense, and the defense leading to offense and easy baskets.

While Kramer may be gone, a huge part of that ball hawking defense, they'll still continue to play defense with tenacity and grit.

Look for the Boilermakers to be an elite team in the upcoming season next fall.

Written by Collin O'Connor



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