Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Is Everyone So Jealous Of John Calipari?

It seems like John Calipari is the talk of the globe now. 

Every since Coach Calipari joined the Kentucky Wildcats he has been faced with criticism. Heck, to some it dates back to the days at UMass.

But let's point out some key things that everybody seems to over-look. But there is also some funny things that make more sense than not. 

Here they are!

Marcus Camby Takes Money

Okay, let's say Camby does take the money but really whose fault is that? Did Coach Calipari literally give him the money? No! It was reported that an agent had given Camby the money--not Coach Cal.

Derrick Rose SAT Test and His Brother Traveling to the Games

Okay, let's say this is true. Derrick Rose did cheat on his SAT and his brother was allowed to go to the games for free.

First, the SAT test happened in High School. That is way out of the range of Coach Cal. He is a college coach, not a high school counselor. He does not have a say over who cheated on what test.

This was also never proven and their handwriting expert would only testify that she wasn't sure if he hadn't taken it or not.

Now the traveling games situation is very tricky. If you're Coach Cal, how do you not figure out how Rose's brother seems to make it to the games every time? That just seems a little funny to me and I believe he knew about this one. 

Coach Cal Hires Tyreke Evans Personal Strength Coach

Okay, now this is a really fishy situation. Coach Calipari recruited Tyreke Evans, the All-American MVP's Strength coach and promoted him as the administrative assistant.

Let's say he doesn't do that, do you believe Tyreke Evans stays with Coach Cal at Memphis?

Eric Bledsoe High School Transcript

Eric Bledsoe the 6-foot-1 guard that was drafted on June 24th by the Oklahoma City Thunder but was later traded to the Clippers.

He faced criticism for his high school transcript. He was reported to not even have the GPA to qualify for the Kentucky scholarship after his junior year in high school.

But somehow the grades "magically" appeared and he was able to be offered a scholarship. 

However, once again this happened in high school. Coach Cal has not say-so over what happened in high school.

Not to mention Bledsoe was thoroughly checked twice before entering his freshman season at Kentucky. 


So many people hate Coach Cal for some unknown reason. He has had some sticky situations in his past but most of the allegations facing him right now happened in high school. 

There is about only one I agree with and that's the Derrick Rose situation. 

Coach Cal couldn't help the fact that Derrick Rose supposedly cheated on his SAT but his brother Raymond traveling to all the games for free? Yes, because of that they lost eligibility and I believe that is a legitimate reason.

But the Rose, Camby and Bledsoe situations have all happened in high school. What I do not understand is how does the high school mistakes fall back on Coach Cal and the Universities.

It just all seems like fans are jealous because Coach Cal pulls in players that respective teams have worked hard to recruit. Yes, it has happened to a lot of our teams, including my favorite squad. 

That still doesn't give us a right to hate the man. He is a proven recruiter that happens to recruit guys that have troubles in high school. Is that his fault? Let's say somebody else got Eric Bledsoe and Derrick Rose. Do you still think Coach Cal would be facing these allegations?

I don't know. Some of the allegations are legit but some just come out of jealously.

Coach John Calipari; you either love him or hate him but you cannot call him a cheater.

What do you think? Do you agree with me when I say Coach Cal is an okay guy and doesn't deserve all the criticism facing him? Or are you anti-Calipari? Let me know what you think, hit me up on or simply reply below.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell


  1. People are just jealous he gets more recruits than everybody else


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