Friday, June 4, 2010

Updated 2010 NBA Mock Draft Top 10 Picks

1. Washington Wizards select John Wall
- The Wizards needs are deep, but if you already had a talented three man wouldn't you acquire LeBron James with your first pick? Yes, I thought so, John Wall is no LeBron James and he might not have the talent to ever be a LeBron James but Wall has it all and is too much to pass at No. 1.

2. Philadelphia 76ers selects Evan Turner
- Evan Turner is the best player in this draft and can fill many of the sixers needs. Evan Turner can play three positions in the NBA, and when paired beside someone like Andre Igoudala he will excel in the league knowing he doesn't always have to be the main contributor.

3. New Jersey Nets select Derrick Favors
- The Nets need help down low in the post. Yi Jianlian is not the frontier force the expected, he was the complete opposite. Now why not go after the player everyone has high hopes for. Derrick Favors’ has tremendous upside and once his full potential is reached, the frontcourt for the Nets will be a force to be reckoned with.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves select Wesley Johnson
- The Timberwolves attacked the point guard position like no other in the recent draft. Selecting two point guards with their lottery picks. Now it’s time to address the wing position. I know, Corey Brewer is starting to come on, but adding Wesley Johnson won’t hurt. He is versatile and can play both the two and three position.

5. Sacremento Kings select Greg Monroe
- The Kings have one of the weakier front courts in the NBA and the best way to help that cause is draft one of the most NBA ready forwards in the draft. Monroe makes everyone around him better, and that’s what the Kings need.

6. Golden State Warriors select Al-Farouq Aminu
- The Warriors are aging at the three position and need a guy like Aminu to help the cause them out in the future. Aminu is a very raw prospect and needs a couple of years to process.

7. Detroit Pistons select Cole Aldrich
- The Pistons are loaded with talent, but they have a small frontcourt. Aldrich can come in and help the Pistons with his shot blocking ability and defensive tactics.
8. Los Angeles Clippers select Paul George
- Paul George is a rising prospect in the draft. He is very good and ready to contribute to an NBA team. George will help the lagging three position and hopefully is the last piece to the puzzle for the Clippers

9. Utah Jazz selects Patrick Patterson
- With the thought of losing Carlos Boozer, the Jazz should run out and draft a prospect that shares some of the same similarities as him.

10. Indiana Pacers select Hassan Whiteside
- The Pacers could use help in numerous amounts of places. The first need that should be filled is the frontcourt problem. Getting a frontier force to play with Granger in Indiana should be the route to take.


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