Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Underrated NBA Draft Prospect - Trevor Booker

Trevor Booker is a 6'7'' power forward. He isn't incredibly long either with a wingspan of 6'9''.

He is very undersized, but his extra bulk makes up for that. 

He is a very explosive athlete with the ability to finish strong around the rim effectively. More often than not, he is looking for the highlight reel dunks.

He can be a human vacuum when it comes to put-backs. He has more than enough upper body strength that he uses when cleaning up his mess in the post.

Not to mention, his upper-body strength translates well when rebounding the ball. He can get up and snatch down rebounds with the best of them.

He weighs in about 240 pounds, and uses his muscle to seal defenders off in the post. 

When putting the ball up in the post, he uses his strength to fight through contact and still finish strong.

He has great hands in the post, and soft touch outside the paint. He can step out and hit mid-range jumpers.

On defense, he has the ability to block and alter shots. At 6'7'' he does have great leaping ability, so he can jump up and swat the ball out of the air when needed.

In addition, he plays the passing lanes very well. He is a very smart basketball player. He displays great timing and most notable, great athleticism.

One thing that draft scouts may have missed is his athleticism test. He was off the charts compared to other frontier players. He had a better 3/4th court sprint than freshman sensation John Wall--and they say he is the fastest guard in the draft.

Some other notable numbers are: No Step Vertical - 31.0, No Step Jump - 11.5, 36 in vertical, Bench Press (185) - 22 times, and Three-Fourths Sprint - 3.10.

Those were not what many expected from Booker. He is at the top of many of the categories but still an early-to-late second round selection.

He reminds me so much of Dejuan Blair. They’re both very undersized forwards in the NBA but are exceptionally strong. Blair got his chance, now its Booker’s turn.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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