Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Underrated NBA Draft Prospect - Sherron Collins

Sherron Collins, the player with the most wins in KU history.

Collins is listed at 5'11'' but he is very big. He is built and brings a lot of strength to the point guard position.

Every time scouts see a player that is listed under 6-feet, they usually don't give them a chance. But look at what happened when the Denver Nuggets gave Ty Lawson a chance to prove himself.

Collins will most likely be in the same situation. 

He is 5'11'' but unlike Lawson, he won't be a mid-first round selection.

The interesting thing about Collins that teams are overlooking is his ability to take over games. 

There were countless games over his career where he stepped up and made the big plays for Kansas. He is no doubt, the reason why the Jayhawks stayed competitive and won a lot over the past four years.

There are not many players in the draft that are mature enough or display that mentality that you need to be a great NBA player.

Along with that, over his four-year career, Kansas played some of the stiffest competition in college basketball. 

Collins' benefited from that, because he played a lot of NBA talent over the years. Not to mention, he had to play against NBA star Mario Chalmers in practice every day.

He is a very good point guard with the all-around skills you need to succeed. He has the great vision and passing skills that are required. With that, he has the ability to create for others and himself.

He stretches the floor and gives defenses headaches. Most teams have a hard time containing him because he is too quick. He often likes to drive the lane, but when the defender takes the lane away, Collins shoots right over him.

His range spans out to the NBA three-point line, but he does have often cold-flashes and should look to stay consistent.

Collins is a great ball-handler and not too many defensive guards can keep him in check. He has the ability to be a prime-time player at the next level. He has all the intangibles you need to be a successful player. The only other thing missing is the height.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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