Monday, June 21, 2010

Underrated NBA Draft Prospect - Luke Harangody

Luke Harangody is arguably the best and most productive player in Big East history. However, he is still said to be going in the second round or possibly un-drafted.

This past season, Harangody and Notre Dame surprised the Big East. Nobody wanted to give them a chance once he went down with an injury. But they bounced back and played hard.

Once Harangody returned they were able to continue the success until they were upset by Old Dominion.

Since Harangody was a senior he season had to go out on a sour note. Now it's back on track and his NBA draft stock hasn't rose that much, but he is starting to show NBA teams what he can do.

The thing most people question about Harangody is his lack of size. Harangody is listed at 6'8'' which is ideal size for a small forward in the NBA. However, he is not quick enough to play the three and too small to play the four.

However, Harangody is a basketball player; and regardless of the position he will help a team contribute and win games.

He does have quick feet in the post and can score down on the low-block proficiently. If he isn’t able to score down-low, he has the ability to step outside the paint and knock down jumpers from anywhere on the court.

His range spans to about the NBA three-point line, but he has the ability to knock down the jumpers in the mid-range game.

One thing many scouts overlook is the way he plays defense. He can give you consistency in the post on both offense and defense. He was the only player in Big East history to snatch down 10 rebounds, and score 20 points per game in a career.

He fights for rebounds on both ends of the court and displays qualities of a true competitor. 

He is a great kid with a ton of heart. He can come in and contribute to a fast-paced up-tempo team that likes to run-and-shoot. 

Harangody is very coach-able, and his work-ethic will be a plus for any team that is willing to take a chance on him.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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