Monday, June 21, 2010

Underrated NBA Draft Prospect - Jerome Jordan

One of the top centers in the 2010 NBA draft might be taken in the early-to-late second round. Jerome Jordan is the name.

Jordan is one of the most interesting projects in this upcoming draft. Here is a player that started playing basketball when he was 17 years old, and is now a NBA prospect. 

Those four years he spent at Tulsa helped his game grow even more. Every year he stayed at Tulsa he has gotten better and better.

He is not a real back-to-basket type of scorer but he can get it done. 

During his NBA draft workouts I noticed he was working on his post-moves and they all look very crisp.

He displayed great footwork in the post, and not to mention, he can throw it down on you in the post if you give him enough space.

What makes him so intriguing is that at the age of 23 he is still incredibly raw, and his game still has room to grow. He can step outside the paint and knock down jumpers at 7-feet and drive to rim--although, he does need to work on his handle.

In the NBA the perfect fit for Jordan will be a team with a set-up offense. He loves the pick-and-roll. He scores off that in many ways. Similar to Kevin Garnett in Boston, Jordan has the ability to make the jumper outside the paint or cut to the rim for the throw-down or score.

On defense, he can get it done as well.

He does have the ability to move his feet quick in the post, and keep the defender in front of him. Not to mention, he does have one of the most physical NBA bodies in the draft, meaning, there will not be a lot of people throwing him around.

Jordan is one of the most underrated players in this upcoming draft. He will be a force in the NBA coming out of the second round. If he is set in the right situation where his game can grow, I believe he'll make other teams regret not selecting him.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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