Monday, June 7, 2010

College Basketball: Tom Izzo To The Cleveland Cavaliers?

Michigan State's Tom Izzo is one of the hottest coaches right now and his name just cannot stay away from coaching speculations. 

First it was Oregon that was said to give him the highest paid contract in college basketball history.

That did not work out and according to Izzo, he never even heard from the Ducks' about the coaching vacancy.

Those speculations was buried and once again Izzo's name has been brought up about a coaching vacancy. Tom Izzo clearly informed us that he was not going to become a NBA coach until he won another NCAA championship at Michigan State. 

The Cavaliers put that comment to the side and is still hoping to lure Tom Izzo in.

Did you know that the Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is a graduate from Michigan State? Yes, and with that he has always been a huge fan of Mr. Izzo. In fact, he was one of the candidates for the job in 2005 before the Cavaliers gave it to Mike Brown.

Izzo has an impressive resume and the Cavaliers are doing the right thing by reaching out to him. To start, Izzo has a 74 percent winning percentage in the NCAA tournament. Just last year his best player Kalin Lucas went down and Tom Izzo put the team on his back and guided them to their second consecutive Final Four appearance. 

During the last 13 Sweet Sixteen’s' Michigan State was a part of nine; not to mention, they were participated in seven Elite Eights, and six Final Fours in the last 12 tournaments.

Want to know something else that makes him more appealing? Every player that stayed all four years of college under Tom Izzo got the chance to play in the Final Four. That is one thing that the Cavaliers love about Izzo; his ability to improve his players.

He preaches great guard play, toughness and rebounding. His motto is simple "players play, tough players win." He can bring that physicality to the Cavaliers and have them as one of the best franchises in some years now.

However, seeing the Spartans success in the past decade either means Tom Izzo is staying put or he has reached the amount of excellence needed and wants to join the NBA. Not sure what to think about this one but I know one thing for sure; if the Cavaliers sign Tom Izzo and re-sign LeBron James, Cleveland might be the home to the NBA champions.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell


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