Monday, June 28, 2010

Renardo Sidney a Mississippi State Bulldog For One-Year?

Mississippi State big man Jarvis Varnado was just drafted in the NBA Draft not too long ago. That left a hole in the Bulldogs frontcourt that they needed to fulfill.

The one answer to that problem was freshman Renardo Sidney. As a true freshman, Sidney wasn't allowed to play because he received improper benefits and lied to investigators when asked about it.

Well we are now starting to see just how much Twitter can tell us about a person. However, we are now starting to see how much it can keep us alert of the latest rumors.

Sidney sat out a year and is now going to play in the 2010-11' season with the Bulldogs. However, on his Twitter page (@Da_DiFFRENCE) he tweeted "NYC #2011 "Believe dat"."

This was post-marked on June 23rd the day before the 2010 NBA Draft.

So, with that said, how safe are you if you're a Mississippi State fan? Do you believe he will leave after one-year of college basketball and go to the pros?

More on this story will come later....Click here to see the actual tweet

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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