Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paul George: Did Larry Bird Finally Get One Right?

When you think about Larry Bird, you probably think about his career with the Celtics. Of course, he was a huge contributor for Boston in their rivalry with the Lakers.

However, what about what he's doing now? As president for the Pacers, he's been criticized for making some pretty questionable draft picks.
It all started with David Harrison in the 2004 draft. 

Yes, he was the 29th overall pick, but his off the court issues could and should have given Bird a look into a mediocre to poor future for Harrison.

With his best season being his rookie year, the Pacers gave him four years before getting rid of him.

Then there was Shawne Williams, the 2006 first rounder. Again, there was the off the court issues, which seemed to be a pattern in the Pacers recent downfall.

In 2007, he was arrested for possesion of marijuana and was later traded to Dallas.

And, to add to all of this, last season's first round pick, Tyler Hansborough, played only 29 games because of an ear infection.

An ear infection.

However, this year's draft brought a breath of fresh air.

Paul George, the forward from Fresno State, brings talent in many areas of play.

While he may not be a well known player, he can handle the ball and shott with range. His play has sometimes been compared to new teammate, Danny Granger.

That's probably a good comparison to have.

The Fresno State star was not heavily recruited comnig out of high school, and ended up at Fresno because of Pepperdine's coaching change.

"It's kind of how I always have to play, with a chip on my shoulder..." George said.

However, he did average 15 points and almost 7 rebounds a game while being named to the 2nd All-WAC Team last season.

It's a sure bet that the Pacers need him to come in and make an impact, as the once proud franchise is on a steep downhill.

So, Pacers fans can only hope that George will be a strong step forward, a contrary to past first round picks.

Originally Written by Collin O'Connor on Bleacher Report

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