Monday, June 28, 2010

One-and-Done Players Becoming More Popular In College Basketball?

College Basketball has always been a very interesting sport to me. Some of the best young-talent has the chance to showcase just how good they are while still getting a college education.

However, there were some of those players that didn't need college and surpassed college and went straight to the NBA.

Well just five years ago David Stern, the NBA commissioner, changed the rule and said you had to be at least 19 years of age, or played one-year of college basketball.

That was most definitely great for the college game. Not only could we see some of the best talent, but we could possibly see it going to our favorite schools.

But five-years removed from the rule change I don't think anybody would have envisioned it to be this popular.

There has been a nucleus of one-and-done players over the last three years.

In fact, the last three out of four NBA drafts, a freshman was selected with the number one overall pick. 

2009 was the only year that the top-five picks in the NBA draft only included one freshman. 

In every other draft it was either all freshmen, or the majority of them.

So let's ask ourselves; does this rule really benefit college basketball like we thought?

Since the rule has been initiated, we have suffered hard from the one-and-done players. This year alone was about six-to-ten players of that caliber. 

There were four one-and-done players from Kentucky, but you also had Derrick Favors, Hassan Whiteside, Xavier Henry, Avery Bradley, Lance Stephenson and more.

So how does this rule really affect college basketball? In my opinion, I think players have found a way around the blocked high school jump.

Most superstars like players don't really go to the programs like UNC, Kansas, or Duke because of the commitment. They're mostly all focused on John Calipari coached teams because he produced countless NBA superstars.

If you asked me I would say take down the rule. As a college basketball junkie, I dislike one-and-done players. I would rather see players that show commitment to the team they choose. 

If they're good enough to go into the league straight from high school, I believe you should allow them. But forcing high school players to college programs ends up two ways: Betrayal and violations.

So what do you think? Is college basketball worst now that they have one-and-done players? Or is this good that we at least get to see them on the court for that one year? Tell me what you think, hit me up at or simply reply below.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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