Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mikhail Torrance To Play For The Miami Heat Summer League Team

It's not always promised that you will hear your name on draft night. 

Some players have to wish their name is called and Mikhail Torrance had to do just that.

He is 6-foot-5 and thought of as a combo-guard. 

Despite the good workouts and great shooting, nobody really saw him as a draft prospect. At best, he could make it in the second round and get chosen by the Pacers.

Unfortunately for him, they were all right and he was given the cold shoulder. 

Throughout the 60-picks, he went without hearing his name even spoke of. He thought he went un-drafted because of his heart condition.

They may play a factor, but a lot of teams really don't see the potential in the guard.

However, the Miami Heat has given the combo-guard a chance to prove himself. He is going to be set up in a perfect situation. 

The Heat is most likely going to place him at the point guard position. He will be playing beside Dwyane Wade and other free-agents that could come to Miami this off-season.

In my opinion, Torrance was the best player snubbed on draft night. This could go down as one of the better un-drafted players in NBA history.

Watch out for Torrance and the Heat. 

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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