Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Kevin Sherapin To Pull Out?

First it was the 6'11'' Donatas Motiejunas that determined he was going to delay the NBA draft in hopes of getting better. Now signs point to Kevin Seraphin following in his footsteps.

The 6'10'' forward from France endured a torn ligament in his left knee that sidelined him for most of the draft workouts and has eluded some interviews to clarify why.

Seraphin is a prospect that is said to go possibly in the first round but with the injury I think that is going to take a toll on his draft stock.

Seraphin has until June 14th to make his decision. His agent Bouna Ndiaye doesn't think any serious damage was conducted to the ligaments still Seraphin's best bet is to bypass this upcoming draft and try next year.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell


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