Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Impact Of The Warriors, Bucks Trade

This upcoming draft will be exciting, full of surprises and the turning point for many franchises. There are a lot of teams that may be thinking trade come draft day.

As of now, the Warriors are selecting No. 6 and the Bucks are at No. 15. 

The Warriors needed a wing threat to go with their talented backcourt. 

The Warriors have been conceived to take Al-Farouq Aminu with the No. 6 selection in the NBA draft. This is starting to look more evident seeing that the Warriors got rid of Corey Maggette their wing threat, for C-Dan Gadzuric and G-Charlie Bell.

The Bucks main concern was grabbing a consistent player for the wing. They have a good inside-out duo with Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut but with Michael Redd battling injuries, the Bucks were looking for a second-option on offense.

They had their eyes on Gordon Hayward for some time. He could bring versatility to the wing. Not only can he shoot lights-out at the next level, he can post up defenders and score on the low-block. Not to mention, he has the ability to lead a team and that was on display in this year’s NCAA tournament.

But after this trade, I believe they're looking to take Avery Bradley with this pick.

Bradley is very similar to Redd in many ways. But in my opinion, he is a much better version than him. He doesn't have the size to play the shooting guard position, but he does have the athleticism and heart. 

He has one of the best vertical jumps in this class. Along with that, he is equipped with a deadly jumper and the ability to score the basketball in many ways.

Placing Bradley beside Jennings in the backcourt could set up a better version of the Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis duo at Golden State.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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