Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Could Ray McCallum Be The Detroit Titans Stephen Curry?

Dating back to the 2006 College Basketball recruiting class, their was Stephen Curry. He was never a hot commodity out of high school because he was listed at 5-foot-9 his junior year.

However, at the end of his senior year you witnessed him blossom to 6-foot-2.

He wasn't heavily recruited, and to say that Davidson was the best team on the list of interested suitors, should give you an idea of how much people really overlooked him.

His main dream was to go to Virginia Tech like his dad Dell Curry but they didn't offer or actively recruit him.

But, he did say he liked the smaller school setting and it seemed to be a perfect fit for him.

Stephen Curry broke a lot of Davidson school records, while guiding the team to the NCAA Tournament. That's including an NCAA Elite Eight run.

Curry had been named an All-American, Sporting News Athlete of the Year, Southern Conference All-Freshman and more.

He brought Davidson into the National Spotlight.

Curry definitely made a name for himself, while starting a new trend in college basketball.

Curry is now on to his NBA career, and was selected seventh overall by the Golden State Warriors.

Now, I've come to a different situation that seems similar.

Ray McCallum, the McDonalds All-American point guard chose the Detroit Titans over Florida, Arizona and UCLA.

McCallum is a 6'1'' true point guard. He displays great vision and passing skills. He can create for others, but can also create for himself.

He isn't an aggressive scorer, but he gets the job done. He is an explosive point guard with leaping ability you usually see on much taller athletes. 

He can throw down dunks with the best of them.

McCallum is a big-time player that made big-time plays. When his team needs a bucket, you can rely on McCallum to step up and make the play.

He likes to penetrate the lane and finish strong around the rim. He is also equipped with the ability to stop-and-pop and hit long range three-pointers.

This sounds like some of the things we saw from Curry, while he was in college.

But different from Curry, he didn't come out of high school unknown. Though, he did choose the smaller setting where his dad coaches.

Similar to Curry, he is going into a situation where he will be the only superstar player on the team. He will have to create a name for the Titans, while establishing himself as a leader.

McCallum will be placed in a situation that is better than what Curry had at Davidson. 

The Titans have a young nucleus of talent, which also includes senior leadership. 

Last season the Titans were able to finish the season with 20 wins overall, and nine in Horizon Conference play.

The Titans return eight players, lost four but added All-American McCallum, Jordan Manuel, Frank Williams, Evan Bruinsma, Chris Blake, and Nick Minnerath.

They have a young group of players mixed with three soon-to-be seniors. This helps their chances of becoming contenders in the Horizon League.

Can Ray McCallum be the Titans Stephen Curry? I think he can. He has the perfect opportunity and the players all seem to work together fine.

As long as McCallum takes control of this offense from day one, the Titans will be the next Cinderella team dancing in March.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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