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Collegiate Hoops: Top 25 Incoming Freshman of the 2010-11'' Season

The cream of the crop the players your program would love to have. Here is the list of the top 25 freshman in the nation entering the 2010-11' college basketball season.

Watch out for: Trevor Reliford - Alabama Point Guard, 5'11'' 175 lbs; Justin Coleman - Louisville, Shooting Guard 6'6'' 210 lbs; Casey Prather - Florida, Small Forward 6'6''195 lbs. 

25. Terrence Ross - Washington, Small Forward 6'6'' 180 lbs 

He is a very versatile forward that can score in many ways. You can put Ross on the low-block or outside the paint and expect him to score. He is in-depth with the mid-range game and can knock down jumpers consistently.

24. Tony Mitchell - Missouri, Power Forward 6'8'' 215 lbs 

Tony Mitchell is probably the most underrated players on this list. Mitchell is something similar to NBA small forward. At times, I witnessed him leading the break, displaying great vision and passing skills.

23. Doron Lamb - Kentucky, Shooting Guard 6'4'' 183 lbs 

Doron Lamb is one of the most prolific scorers in this freshman class. He has a high motor, and enough speed to beat the defender off the dribble. With that, he also finishes well around the rim. He is in love with his mid-range game, and likes to go to his pick-and-pop occasionally.

22. Jereme Richmond - Illinois, Small Forward 6'7'' 195 lbs 

Richmond is an interesting recruit. He has the ability to get to the basket and score with the contact or without. He can play the two or the three. Displaying lateral quickness and an extra speed burst to blow past defenders.

21. Joe Jackson - Memphis, Point Guard 6'0'' 175 lbs 

Jackson is a crafty guard at 6-foot. He can score in a variety of ways and has good speed to beat the defender off the dribble. He is smaller than his peers but is still able to finish strong around the rim.

20. Josh Smith - UCLA, Center 6'9'' 320 lbs 

Josh Smith is an elite talent at the five position. He is very strong around the rim and can dominate the next level. However, he is over 300 lb. This means that his body can be a problem at the college level.

19. Reggie Bullock - North Carolina, Shooting Guard 6'6'' 190 lbs 

Reggie Bullock is an elite level player that can score in a variety of ways. He can knock down perimeter jumpers and get into the defense and knock down mid-range jumpers. In addition, he can get to the rim and make the shots in the lane. Not to mention, he usually finishes with highlight reel slams.

18. Joshua Hairston - Duke, Power Forward 6'9'' 220 lbs 

Hairston is one of the greatest forwards in this recruiting class. He displays nice go-to-moves in the post, and can shoot from outside the paint. He plays with energy on both ends of the court and will be a key addition the Blue Devils.

17. Corey Joseph - Texas, Point Guard 6'3'' 180 lbs 

Joseph is a big time scorer. He displays good range that spans out to the three-point line. He likes the pick-and-pop and mid-range game. He scores strong around the rim and can rise up on defenders if provided with enough space.

16. Dion Waiters - Syracuse, Shooting Guard 6'4'' 210 lbs 

Waiters is a very explosive athlete. He has major leaping ability and with that he throws down a lot of dunks. He is going to a big time player at Syracuse for years to come.

15. Ray McCallum - Detroit, Point Guard 6'1'' 180 lbs 

McCallum is a high-motor recruit that does it all. He is very offensive, but is also very good on the defensive end. Has quick hands, get's into the passing lanes and finish strong on the break with highlight dunks. He has the ability to lead Detroit to some impressive seasons.

14. Fab Melo - Syracuse, Center 7'0'' 275 lbs 

Melo is a recruit with a lot of upside. He has a terrific body for a college center, and can score around the paint. Melo has quick feet, and nice footwork. He is at his best when his back is to the basket. He uses spins and hooks to score around the paint well.

13. C.J. Leslie - North Carolina State, Power Forward 6'9'' 205 lbs 

Leslie sometimes looks more like a three rather than four. He displays great speed and agility on the wings. Not to mention, he is very athletic. Some scouts go as far as saying he is the most athletic forward in the draft. He can be a superstar at the next level.

12. Deshaun Thomas - Ohio State, Small Forward 6'7'' 225 lbs 

Thomas is a strong forward that can play both position. He is always around the rim grabbing offensive rebounds and put-backs. He can score consistently inside or out. He has nice flow to his game and is a very consistent athlete.

11. Patric Young - Florida, Power Forward 6'10'' 225 lbs 
Young will be a very good forward at the next level. People are already throwing him Dwight Howard comparisons. He cleans the boards, blocks shots and controls the paint at all cost. 

10. Terrence Jones - Kentucky, Small Forward 6'9'' 230 lbs 

Jones is a freak-ish athlete with a ton of upside. At 6'9'' he has the ability to handle the rock and get into the lane with crossover dribbles and finish strong. Because he is so athletic, he will create match-up problems at the college level.

9. Tristan Thompson - Texas, Power Forward 6'9'' 240 lbs 

Thompson is a long crafty forward. Has soft hands, and touch around the rim. He can give you a double-double every night. Has a high-motor and stays aggressive with his attack.

8. Will Barton - Memphis, Shooting Guard 6'6'' 180 lbs 

Barton is a scorer in every sense of the word. He is very quick and understands how to use his body and finish through contact. I witnessed many dunks off steals and fast breaks. This shows you how much of a defensive threat he can be as well.

7. Tobias Harris - Tennessee, Power Forward 6'8'' 210 lbs. 

Harris is really a forward with no definite position. Has a nice inside-outside game that he uses effectively on offense. On defense, he has the ability to intimidate in the paint. He blocks, alters and makes the opposition second guess the shot.

6. Perry Jones - Baylor, Power Forward 6'11'' 220 lbs 

Jones is a big time forward with the potential to be a great player. He has great ball-handling skills at 6'11''. Sometimes I wonder if he is better suited for the three position. He is strong around the rim and can step outside and hit outside jumpers.

5. Josh Selby - Kansas, Point Guard 6'4'' 185 lbs 

Selby is a big time scoring point guard. He can score in a variety of ways; off the dribble, behind the three-point line and in the paint. Displays great vision and passing ability, and isn't selfish with his attack. He is an all-round point guard and a prime-time prospect.

4. Kyrie Irving - Duke, Point Guard 6'2'' 175 lbs 

Irving isn't the most explosive guy in this recruiting class, but is one the purest point guards you're going to see. He has great feel for the game. Displays above-average vision and passing. He can be the leader of any team at such a young age.

3. Brandon Knight - Kentucky, Point Guard 6'4'' 180 lbs
Knight is a scoring combo-guard. Many people question his true point guard ability, but he has great vision and average passing skills. He can shoot the ball consistently from deep, but loves the mid-range. He will become a big-time point guard at the college level working under Calipari. 

2. Jared Sullinger - Ohio State, Power Forward 6'9'' 255 lbs 

Sullinger a big time post presence. He likes to throw down ever ball he touches. On top of that, he can step out and hit those mid-range jumpers. Not to mention, he has the ability to take defenders off the dribble and finish strong in the paint.

1. Harrison Barnes - North Carolina, Small Forward 6'8'' 210 lbs 

Barnes by far is the best player in this recruiting class.A lot of people are dubbing him as the next Carmelo Anthony, but he's Harrison Barnes. He is a very great athlete with a lot of upside. He has the ability to beat defenders off the dribble and finish with contact.

Written By DeAnte Mitchell

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