Friday, June 25, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Steal Of The 2010 NBA Draft

I know that the guards coming out of John Calipari's system are usually the ones to get, but this year his big man can come in and make a huge impact in Sacramento.

After grabbing a guard from Coach Cal in last season's draft, Tyreke Evans, the Kings selected another one from under his wing in DeMarcus Cousins.

The 5th overall pick stands at 6'11 and weighed in at 292.

The scouts rave about his excellent skill level. Cousins has the ability to put the ball on the floor and can score at will.

However, the greatest aspect about this pick is the upside for Cousins.

While he did seem to be a bit immature last season for Kentucky, that can only get better. Also, wait until he drops a few pounds and gains a bit more muscle.

If he commits to conditioning and working harder, he can only get better.

Coming into next season, it's looking great for Kings fans. With last season's Rookie of the Year, Cousins can add a great one-two punch to go with Evans.

And, despite winning only 25 games last season, the Kings look to have a bright future with those two leading the way.

The Kings also picked up Hassan Whiteside with the 33rd overall selection.

Some teams rated Whiteside as the top true center in this year's draft class. His huge wingspan is what allowed him to lead the NCAA in blocks last season.

On the contrary, the problem with Whiteside is his strength. The 235 pounder needs to bulk up if he plans to play with NBA centers.

However, the future looks to be bright in California's capital. It was a good night for Kings fans.

Written by Collin O'Connor

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