Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Some Things We Learned About The Tom Izzo Saga

A few weeks back, Tom Izzo affirmed that he would not pursue a coaching career in the NBA until his Spartans were at the top of the pedestal one more time.

That made Spartan fans happy and a reason to believe.

Just a few weeks removed from that, he displayed serious interest in the Cavaliers' coaching vacancy.

However, after today's announcement, we are all assured that Izzo will be returning to Michigan State to coach the Spartans.

This was officially revealed at a news conference in East Lansing. Dan Gilbert was told the deal was five-years and 30 million dollars.

So with that said, let's ask ourselves. What did we really digest?

The Price Doesn't Matter

Izzo will go down as one of the most legendary coaches in college basketball.

If money was the main factor in the coaching switch, he would have taken the 30-million, five-year deal and went on to the Cavaliers; regardless if LeBron James returned.

But more than money played a part. He wanted to continue his success, and not only be a good coach, but a great one.

Let alone he noticed that he couldn't deliver that with the current Cavaliers situation so he returned home to the Spartans.

Tom Izzo is Full of Surprises

If you're a Spartans fan, you had to be scared about the possible outcome of this coaching saga.

Even after he stated that he was going to win another championship with the Spartans before pursuing a pro career; he entertained the Cavaliers offer and could have departed depending on the status of LeBron James.

Winning Means a Lot, but Success Means More

The only possible reason for Izzo to take the job with the Cavaliers is to be successful. He has reached the highest points of the college game, and has been nabbed as a hall-of-fame coach.

If winning meant more than success, the Spartans wouldn't have held their hearts for about a week.

Izzo wants to take the next step and be successful. Winning at Michigan State means a lot, but taking the next step and becoming even more successful means more.

The Cavaliers' Take Another Loss

The Cavaliers eye was so set on Izzo. He was assumed to assist the recruitment of LeBron James—possibly—and bring him back to the Cleveland.

That theory backfired and Izzo is right back in Michigan with his Spartans.

It's possible that the Cavaliers knew this was coming if they understood the background of Izzo. He is a very good coach that loves to win and be successful. Without LeBron James in Cleveland, how can you be successful?

You Can't Please Everybody

Izzo has always been a fan favorite, and a coach that anybody would want on their sideline.

However, he wasn't still winning some fans over with the possible coaching allegations on the rise. Izzo did show interest in the coaching vacancy in Cleveland. Then he flew out to meet with Cavalier officials. After that, Izzo was given time for his decision and rejected the offer.

You can't be mad at him for going for the job many dreams of having.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell


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