Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Seth Curry Will Be The Starting Point Guard For The Duke Blue Devils

The Blue Devils are coming off a National Championship victory and a top recruiting class this off-season.

Along with that, Kyle Singler, and Nolan Smith returned. But they lost their all-star point guard Jon Scheyer.

To fill the void, coach K brought in five-star recruit Kyrie Irving and Tyler Thornton. Many assume that Duke will start Irving, and bring Thornton off the bench as his reliever.

However, what about Seth Curry?

Just a year ago, Seth Curry was the highest scoring freshman in college basketball history. He played the point guard at Liberty and was productive when bringing the ball up the court.

So why is nobody talking about him for the point guard position?

Curry has the ability to make the contributions that Scheyer made. He has a great shot, with excellent lift and perfect form. He hits the three consistently from downtown and shouldn't have a problem doing that at Duke.

Along with a great jump shot, Curry has point guard skills. He has good vision and passing skills. He isn't flashy but he does make the occasional flashy passes that get's the crowd into it.

Has the ability to get to the basket consistently. He displays quality go-to-moves outside the arc to send the defender to the floor. Not to mention, he likes to beat defenders off the dribble and can finish around the rim proficiently.

Curry should be an option at the point guard position. Although, he is a more of a combo-guard that still shouldn't stop him from playing the one.

He embraces the ball-handling skills, a great shot, and the ability to get to the rim. These are all key factors that you want in your starting point guard.

Curry is too talented to be on the bench opening day. Once things get into crunch-time; Coach K, start Seth Curry at point guard. He is a proven leader and can play Duke Basketball.

What do you think? Who should be the starting guard at Duke?

Written by DeAnte Mitchell



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