Friday, June 18, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Is Tom Crean on the Hot Seat?

After losing every player on the team except Kyle Taber, the Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean knew he was in for a tough ride.

Former Coach Kelvin Sampson's actions turned the once proud program into a mediocrity. However, Crean took the job well expecting to turn this team around.

Now, with two years into his tenure, Crean hoists a 16-46 record on his resume. This happens to be the worst record over two years in Indiana University history.

The question is: How long does Indiana let him stay?

Crean came into Bloomington with the reputation as a very strong recruiter and excels in public relations.

However, his top recruiting class in the 2009-2010 season only improved the win total by 4. Is that really what Indiana wants or needs right now?

With Brad Stevens excelling over at Hinkle and former player Steve Alford doing a great job at New Mexico, one can't help but starting to think that they could be potential replacements.

It all depends on what Indiana wants to do.

Stevens has shown that recruiting in Indiana can be very successful. Eleven of Butler's players in their Final Four run came from the basketball town, including stars Gordon Hayward and Matt Howard.

On the other hand, Alford was allegedly a candidate for the coaching job in their earlier search set the New Mexico record for most wins in the first three years at the head position.

He also would be a very charismatic recruiter and could have an edge being seeing that he is a beloved alumni of Indiana University.

Only time will tell if Coach Crean can return the Hoosiers back to their glory days.

Fans in Bloomington are getting a little antsy and want to start winning. Whether it will be him, Alford, Stevens, or someone else turning this program around. The fans just want it to be done.

Written by Collin O'Connor

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  1. Give the man a chance to get program back on track.He knew the team suck when he come there.

  2. I think he will get the team back together in a few years. He has some nice recruits on the radar for next year


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