Thursday, June 17, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Iowa State Redemption Starts Now

The conference expansion has made the Big 12 a college hoops powerhouse.

If you take away Colorado and Nebraska from the Big 12, the RPI ratings would have been off the charts; like I said before.

However, there was another unlikely player in the Big 12—Iowa State.

The Cyclones didn't have the greatest year in the Big 12 but the team did show some promise.

But things started going downhill for Iowa State this off-season.

 Marquis Gilstrap turned down another season of eligibility, Craig Brackins' declared for the draft, Justin Hamilton and Dominique Buckley are transferring, and on top of that, the Cyclones lost their former head coach Greg McDermott.

Now with that said, I wonder how the Cyclones going to compete in this highly competitive basketball conference?

The Cyclones bagged Fred Hoiberg as their head coach and also acquired Chris Babb the sharpshooter from Penn State.

On their current roster, resides some decent recruits—highlighted by Jordan Railey, the 6'9'' power forward.

Jordan Railey is going to be huge for the Cyclones on the inside. In addition, Iowa State kept bolstering their frontcourt with Erin McKnight, and Calvin Godfrey.

Not to mention, the Cyclones have received verbal commitment from Elgin Cook and Anthony Odunsi. Cook is the recruit to look out for. According to ESPN Scouts, he is the fourteenth best small forward in the 2011 recruiting class.

let alone if accusations are true about the Big 12 teams splitting up Colorado and Nebraska shares, then that'll mean more scholarships and a better chance to turn things around faster.

I don't know about you, but I believe the Cyclones can rise above the adversity and become competitive in the new 10-team Big 12.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell



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