Monday, June 21, 2010

Collegiate Hoops Goes One-On-One With Recruit Luke Mergerson

First off I would like to thank Luke Mergerson for taking his time to speak with me. Mergerson is an up-and-coming recruit out of Duncanville, Texas.

He is a 6'8'' power forward that can score on the block in a lot of ways.

There are a reported nine colleges that are interested in Mergerson's services according to Yahoo Rivals! Those nine teams are: Colorado, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Kansas State, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Southern Methodist, Texas and West Virginia.

The one-on-one interview with the highly-touted recruit, went something like this:

How are you today?
Luke Mergerson: I am doing good.

So how is the whole recruiting process going for you?
Luke Mergerson: It's going steady. I have an offer from Southern Methodist University. I've also have been talking to Boston College, Iowa, Bradley, Creighton, Wichita St., Houston, Marquette, Minnesota and Notre Dame.

I recently became aware that Kansas State was also considering you. How does that make you feel?
Luke Mergerson: That makes me feel great. I was receiving letters with information regarding their program, but I didn't know that they were interested in me. They are a great program with a very intense and great coach. There is a player named Nick Russell on the team who I am cool with. He went to Duncanville and then graduated from Arlington Grace Prep.

There are a lot of different colleges with reported interest in you. Who has the edge?
Luke Mergerson: Right now, I like Boston College, Iowa, Minnesota and Notre Dame. I really like West Virginia and Georgetown as well.

How do you plan on transition from high school to a division one power conference?
Luke Mergerson: I think that it will be pretty tough. I'm sure I will transition well as long as I keep working hard.

How much of your time is devoted to basketball?
Luke Mergerson: Most of it, I play every day for about three hours sometimes more. It's mostly basketball and family for me.

What are you doing this off-season to get better?
Luke Mergerson: I'm working on my athleticism mostly. Like my jumping, agility, speed and quickness. I also do school work to stay fresh.

How devoted are you in the classroom?
Luke Mergerson: I do most of my work. At times I get lazy, but I try for all A's and B's every semester.

What would you say was your biggest weakness?
Luke Mergerson: My athleticism. But that does not stop me from doing what I have to do when my name is called.

What is the best part of your game?
Luke Mergerson: My mom tells me that I'm a smart player. So that's probably what it is. Most people who see me play, compare me to Tim Duncan.

In practice, are you competitive with your teammates?
Luke Mergerson: Yes. Sometimes in practice we go even harder. We get so into it that it's basically turns into a physical, trash-talking game.

What is your mindset going into next season?
Luke Mergerson: Win, win, and win. We may not have the best team but with our work ethic and coaching staff, we should be able to make it to state.

What does winning mean to you?
Luke Mergerson: A lot. I remember when we were in a tournament in San Antonio and I scored 31 points but my team lost. I had an amazing performance but it was still a heartbreaking loss to a team that was truly nowhere as talented as we were.

How do you bounce back after a defeat?
Luke Mergerson: I still think about the losses but then I remember that my team needs me so I have to get focused on the next game.

What goals have you set for next season?
Luke Mergerson: As a team, I want to win the district, area, regional, and state championship. As a player, I am working hard to be district MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. I would also like to make All-Area and State teams.

When it's crunch time, where does the ball go?
Luke Mergerson: In Duncanville, it goes to Perry because he's Perry. With the Mustangs it goes to anyone. We all are threats on my team.

Do you have any favorite moments?
Luke Mergerson: My favorite moment may have been beating our rival Cedar Hill for the second time out of six games; in two years. We beat them on their court, by two in overtime. It was the best game of the season.

If there was another sport you could participate in, what would it be?
Luke Mergerson: I would say swimming. When I was growing up at my old house, I would swim every day. So I feel that's what I would do if I didn't play basketball.

Tell us something that the college fans may not know about you.
Luke Mergerson: I love playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I'm a great swimmer, I love rock music, I love the snow and when it's cold. My grandmother is from Mexico and I speak very little Spanish

Interviewed by DeAnte Mitchell

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