Saturday, June 19, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Coaches With Something to Prove

Roy Williams, North Carolina

I get that repeating is hard, especially when you lost someone with arguably the best collegiate career in Tyler Hansbrough.

However, after two straight Final Four appearances, an NIT bid isn't good enough for the fans in North Carolina.

The Tarheels 2009-2010 campaign was definetely one to be forgotten. A 10-6 conference record is the worst since Williams' first year in 2002.

This type of season shouldn't be happening with the amount of talent they have on the roster. The more I look at it, the more confident I become with their ability to bounce back.

Tim Floyd, UTEP

After all of the sanctions coming about at USC with O.J. Mayo, Floyd is getting a new chance at Texas El Paso.

While he was successful at USC, hoisting an 85-50 record, USC vacated all of its 2007-2008 wins because of Mayo's ineligibility.

UTEP took a huge risk in hiring him after that controversy. This season won't be the telling point for the rest of his career, but he does have something to prove the next couple seasons.

Tom Crean, Indiana

After losing every player with collegiate experience on the team except for Kyle Taber, Crean knew he was in for a tough ride back to the top. Former coach, Kelvin Sampson's actions turn the once proud program into a mediocre one. However, Crean took the position, expecting to turn this team around.

And now, two years into his tenure, Crean posts 16-46 record which is the worst over a two year span ever 
at Indiana University.

While IU fans are giving him some leaniency for the situation that he was brought into, he needs to get them at least back to .500 or his job could be in the air.

Jim Calhoun, UCONN

I realize that he wasn't there for part of last season, but an 18-16 record is definetely not good enough for Connecticut.

Also, this offseason he admitted to NCAA recruiting violations.

This upcoming campaign is a big one for the Huskies, as they need to bounce back from last season's mediocre performance.

Originally Written by Collin O'Connor on Bleacher Report

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