Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Clemson Tigers 2010-11'' Season Preview

Clemson Tigers

2009-10 Record: 21-11
2009-10 ACC Record: 9-7

The Clemson Tigers were poised as one of the top teams in the ACC.

They had a beast inside with, Trevor Booker and an junior guard that could play like a senior.

They were able to turn their regular season success into a NCAA tournament bid. Although, they were knocked out by the Missouri Tigers in the first round.

But that still gave Tiger fans something to hold on to heading into next season.

Key Returnees:

They returned almost their whole roster that made it to the NCAA tournament. There biggest returnee is senior-to-be Demontez Stitt. He is a big time player and balanced out the Tigers attack last season.

He averaged a 11.4 points, 3.2 assist, and 2.7 rebounds. 

With a much bigger role in the offense, he'll improve those numbers.

Also they brought back Tanner Smith and Jerai Grant. Both of these player will need to step up and help Stitt in the offense.

Key Departures:

Trevor Booker was the key to the success. He was big time in the post area and they will definitely miss him down on the low-block.

They also didn't bring back David Potter who score seven points and got into the passing lanes.

You can start saying that the Clemson Tigers have officially moved into the post-Booker stage.

Losing a player that was the face of you college program isn't easy. Not to mention, losing a role player like Potter will show it's dividends next season.

Key Additions:

The Tigers didn't recruit a lot and only brought in one player. Cory Stanton the 5-foot-11 guard from Springfield, Tennessee.

He is undersized but he bring another dimension to the offense. He is blazing quick on the basketball court. 

He has the ability to dictate the defense, while running circles around the defense.

He is a good fit for the Tigers. He bring aggressiveness, and the ability to create on offense to a team that needs it the most.

He will most likely either start at the point guard position, or come off the bench.


The Tigers lost the face of their college basketball program but they are still loaded with talent. They will prove to the whole ACC that they can contend without Booker.

They will still be undersized all-around the court but posses the speed and quickness that will give defenders headaches.

Clemson is out to show everybody that in the post-Booker era, they can still contend in the ACC.

I don't see a truly dominating performance from the Tigers next season but they will keep up with the teams in the ACC. I foresee them finishing where they did last year, or possibly a few spots below.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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