Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: Boston College 2010-11'' Season Preview

Boston College Eagles

2009-10 Record: 15-16
2009-10 ACC Record: 6-10

The Boston College Eagles underachieved this year. Statistically speaking, they weren't able to put enough points up on the board to win ball games.

Not to mention, they participated in a lot of games that could have went there way and improved their conference or overall record.

On top of that, outside of their main contributors came no bench production

This upcoming season should not peaceful if you're a Boston College fan.

Key Returnees:

The Boston College Eagles returned three of their top scorers from last season.

With the inside-out duo of Reggie Jackson and Joe Trapani, I can foresee a great run this season. 

The Eagles brought back leadership, rebounding, and scoring. Corey Raji needs to be a big time player next season. 

Raji has the ability to get you scoring on the block as well as rebounding the ball on both ends of the court. Raji will be the x-factor. The Eagles will need his all-around production to succeed.

Key Departures:

The Eagles lost a lot this season. They lost Tyler Roche the 6-foot-7 forward that gave them 7.2 points and 2.4 rebounds per game.

This wasn't a huge loss, but the lack of production off the bench makes this big.

Also, during the off-season forward Evan Ravenel decided his Boston College career was over and transferred to the Ohio State Buckeyes'.

This once again, is a big move because of bench production. He didn't get a lot of minutes but was still able to impress some with his potential in the post.

These two aren't huge losses, but they do hurt the Eagles bench production.

However, Rakim Sanders and Brady Heslip decided to transfer because of new coach Steve Donahue.

This is a huge loss for the Eagles. Sanders was one of their big time players on the block. He grabbed rebounds consistently and scored.

The lost of a superstar player like Sanders puts a major dent in the frontcourt for the Eagles. 

Key Additions:

The Boston College Eagles need some production off the bench. During last season they were unable to get consistent scoring and rebounding off the bench, which resulted in such a bad record.

However, the Eagles did not go out and recruit any players. They still have holes to fill on the offense and the outlook is not looking so good.


A lot of ACC teams are starting to load their roster. You have Harrison Barnes at North Carolina. 

Duke has a great deal of talent and has a chance to repeat. However, I can't still see the Eagles finishing in the top half of the ACC.

With no recruits, the Eagles are facing the same problem as they did last year--but worst. They are losing three key contributors and a great player in the frontcourt. To fix that, they're not adding any new young talent.

The Eagles season looked to be bright before all the transferred happened and now they are in a sticky situation.

They might share a similar season as last, but making a 500-record will be the best they can do.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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