Sunday, June 20, 2010

Collegiate Hoops - 2010 NBA Draft: Potential Draft Steals 1.0

Grevis Vasquez
And the Bob Cousy Award goes to Greivis Vasquez, from the University of Maryland.
Hold on. Above it says that a Bob Cousy winner could possibly go undrafted in the NBA? This year’s award was well deserved because on the court Vasquez was the model player.
He is so passionate and brings his intensity to every game. He likes to control the game, and sometimes has the ability to take games over.
Take a look back at their last game against Michigan State. Vasquez scored the team's last nine points and if it wasn’t for the shot by Lucious, the 'Terps would have advanced.
He is an advanced type passer and his court vision follows suit as well. He is very aggressive towards the rim and his high motor allows him to stay in complete attack mode.
He is 6’6’’ and 197 pounds; talk about bringing big point guards back. He works on just about all of his game and is a very good rebounder at the point guard position.
Must Improve: his decision making sometimes can be really questionable. Also he needs to expand his range to survive in this league. Something is telling me they’ll live with his shot at the next level.

Denis Clemente

With me being a K-State fan it’s easy to understand how much potential Clemente has. Around the internet not many people have him in their mock drafts.
Now let’s be honest with ourselves, Clemente is one heck of an athlete.
Over his senior season at K-State he was paired with Jacob Pullen. He and Pullen turned this Kansas State team around and made them contenders once again.
Many may think it was all about Jacob Pullen, but Clemente is the one who stepped up when it counted. In the NCAA Tournament, where names are made, Kansas State was down at the half to Xavier and in that second half Clemente wheeled the Wildcats all the way back with his leadership.
Also in the Butler loss, Clemente is the one who stepped up and brought the Wildcats back into the game.
Clemente is a true point guard with true point guard skills. He has average vision—something he needs to improve—good ball-handling skills, and my god one of the deadliest shots I’ve ever seen.
He doesn’t need space to fire it, and he knocks them down. I’ve witnessed it countless times over the year. Many people cannot question his shot selection because he makes the crazy shots. J.R. Smith, Willie Warren or any other player who takes errant shots misses.
Undrafted or a second round pick, Clemente could be a force in the NBA.
Must impove: Cannot fall in love with the three. At the college level Clemente lived by the three, in the NBA he should look to attack more and get to the line more often. I know his shot is very crisp and proficient but mix it up. He cannot be one-dimensional.

Dexter Pittman

I had high hopes for Dexter Pittman all season. According to many during the season before the meltdown, Dexter Pittman was a lottery pick. Now he is being projected to go late first or early second round.
The biggest reason why Pittman is a draft sleeper is because of his work ethic. When he stepped foot on campus he weighed in about 360 pounds.
Before he could touch the court he had to drop over 70 pounds. That’s exactly what he did.
So why does this matter?
Because it shows you how much he cares and how well he responds to his coaches. With that he also wants to keep his frame in top shape.
He is still quick on his feet for a player of his size, very defensive, and can get after it on the offensive end.
Pittman has very soft hands in the post, and likes to play above the rim. If you give him the slightest space in the post, he’ll be happy to throw it down on you.
He is also a rebounding machine, on both ends of the floor.
Many complain about his fatigue and how it affects the way he plays the game. Need I remind you about his work ethic? In about two years fatigue won’t be a problem.
Must improve: Ball-handling in the post; he brings it down too low allowing people to rip at it and create steals. Also needs to quit committing unnecessary fouls.
(Originally posted on Bleacher Report by DeAnte Mitchell)

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