Thursday, June 17, 2010

Collegiate Hoops: 2010 NBA Draft Trade Talks

The NBA Draft is just right around the corner and rumors are starting to intensify. There are teams out there that are trying to make deals that have yet to go down, or they're just waiting till draft day.

Whatever it is, the 2010 NBA Draft will be simply amazing. A lot of talent and in this draft there are various places where your franchise player can reside.

Nobody can really tell coming from this upcoming draft that is just as deep at the 2003 draft that hoisted Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

But Omit there is no such thing as a NBA draft without the shockers. Here is some trade possibilities that might just happen on draft day.

Philadelphia 76ers trade Andre Igoudala

Doubtless the Sixers are in a rebuilding stage. The need help just about everywhere. The frontcourt is horrible and since Allen Iverson departed the city of brotherly love, there hasn't been love in the backcourt.

So what the Sixer will do is bring in National Player of the Year Evan Turner, and trade away Igoudala to bolster the frontcourt.

There could be a lot of teams out there that could use his services. Not to mention, he doesn't have a scary contract that won't allow him to be shipped. I expect a lot of teams to be on the phone about possibly landing Igoudala.

Darren Collison is shipped to the Pacers

There is no doubt about it; the point guard for the Hornets is Chris Paul. Even after such a rare outburst, Collison is still a bench player now. This gives me reason to believe that the Hornets will use him as trade bait. The Pacers are currently picking tenth in the draft, choosing one selection above the Hornets. They really have no trade options, not unless you want to throw in Danny Granger—which is crazy.

But I think, the Hornets will most likely ship Collison out and the most likely destination is point guard hungry Indiana.

Denver Nuggets trade Ty Lawson for a draft pick

Since the first round loss to the Utah Jazz, the Nuggets have been after a draft pick. They could use J.R. Smith or Kenyon Martin as trade bait, but not too many teams would consider giving up a top-10 pick for players of their caliber.

The Nuggets are after a frontier force, and they have had Indiana on the phone as a possible suitor.

Anthony Randolph traded from the Golden State Warriors

I'm sure everybody has heard about this trade. The Warriors have had it with Randolph's immaturity and as a result is going to trade him this off-season. They tried at the NBA trade deadline in February but couldn't get it done in time.

The Timberwolves was major players then, and now.

They have trade assets, plus they could just as well swap the No. 4 and No. 6 picks in exchange for something extra.

Tony Parker traded to the Knicks

In efforts to acquire LeBron James, the Knicks are going to try to get the best possible players to surround him so he'll want to come to New York.

Tony Parker earlier this year, expressed interest in joining the Knicks. On top of the interest, with Parker battling injuries over his career, the Knicks can low-ball a deal and get him for less than he is really worth.

If this scenario was to occur, Parker alone couldn't convince LeBron to come to New York. But that would most definitely be a start.

The Cavaliers trade Mo Williams and Delonte West for premier guard.

The Cavaliers' frontcourt is not the problem in Cleveland. Neither is LeBron James. But in efforts to keep LeBron around, the Cavaliers should look to make decisions.

West is known for his defensive intensity but Rajon Rondo was able to run around the entire Cavaliers' backcourt in easy fashion.

In a package deal, the Cavaliers are going to acquire a premier guard that isn't going to allow that to happen or fight back. There is a lot of possible suitors—Tony Parker being the main one. 

O.J Mayo and Monta Ellis swap places.

Before the NBA trade deadline came on us, the Grizzlies were looking to ship Mayo out of Memphis to possibly re-sign Rudy Gay. However, started to get crucial the Grizzlies didn't offer enough for Ellis and the Warriors denied the trade.

Now with more time to think, I believe they finally get this deal done.

Even with the poor trading before the deadline the deal was almost completed. Meaning the Grizzlies will not have to give up a lot, but they will give up something else beside Mayo.

Tayshaun Prince traded for a higher draft pick

It is no secret that the Pistons are looking to get a higher draft pick. They're actively aggressive in receiving one, and they might be close.

Forward Prince, battled an injury this past season and it looks like he won't be able to play another game for Detroit. 

Prince may be used as trade bait to help the Pistons move up in the draft. They've talked to the Timberwolves' who could use his services.

They're after a big man. DeMarcus Cousins' and Derrick Favors' fit the description. 

Written by DeAnte Mitchell



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