Monday, June 7, 2010

College Basketball: Remembering Legendary Coach John Wooden

John Wooden is the greatest coach in the history of American sports. He embarked in most of his players head that he coached for the person, not the player. Wooden preached some of the most inspirational quotes and sayings' that we still use in the world today.

My personal favorite quote is, "If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes." That itself is a quote to live by.

As a coach and a player John Wooden had the privilege to cut down the nets; once as a player, and ten times as a coach. That includes four undefeated seasons and a NCAA record of 88 straight victories.

John Wooden was surely a coach you wanted on your sideline, or you hated seeing as an opposing coach. His masterful game plans and strategies helped him win every championship spanning from 1963-1975 but two.

That say's a lot considering that many teams have not even been to the big dance, let alone been able to get in position to win so many titles in a row. Every year, it did not matter if it was a different set of players, John Wooden got them ready and he won titles with different kids every time.

As a die-hard college basketball fan, when I heard that John Wooden was in the hospital in grave condition I could not believe it and my heart just seemed like it vacated. John Wooden will forever been remembered for his astounding coaching expertise and not only that; his inspiration and leadership through his life.

John Wooden went home and left all his legacies behind for us to cherish. On behalf of Collegiate Hoops' I would like to thank John Wooden for all the memories and inspiration you have given me and my peers. For I hope you rest in peace.

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Written By DeAnte Mitchell


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