Saturday, June 12, 2010

College Basketball: On the Behalf of Michigan State, Tom Izzo Stay Put

Ensuing another successful season with Tom Izzo, the Michigan State Spartans have elite talent and the chance to be on top of the NCAA next season. However, that was before the Spartans received news that the Cavaliers offered Izzo their head coaching job.

Like many others, my initial though was that he isn't going anywhere. He didn't listen or entertain any other coaching offers, so why the Cavaliers? 

Now, didn't he make me look stupid? Not only does he have reported interest, but he also flew out to Cleveland to talk to executives about the job. He told us that the decision would come soon and it wouldn't take forever. Now many are reporting that he will commit to the Cavaliers if they can keep Lebron James.

Not good news at all if you're a Spartan fan. As the days pass by, it seems more likely that Izzo's career is over as a Spartan.

Michigan State fans held a pep rally, Louisville coach Rick Pitino weighed in and said, "Put yourself in a seatbelt and stay at Michigan State." Numerous of Spartan fans are weighing in on why he should, or he will stay; whatever it is, it's basically saying the same thing: Tom Izzo, stay at Michigan State.

Since you began your career at Michigan State in 1996, you've won the fans over with the intensity you brought to the game. You help put up banners; the most notable would be the national championship you brought to Michigan State in 2000. 

You developed players so well, turning out some decent NBA talent, and not to mention, you haven't missed the NCAA tournament in over 12 years.

Remember what you told your Spartan fans? You said you wouldn't pursue a coaching career in the NBA until you won another national championship at Michigan State. 

Izzo should be a committed to what he said instead of chasing money. And sadly said it seems like the money is winning the race.

Next season you are going to have one of the most talented rosters I've seen at Michigan State in years. You'll have all your starters from last year's squad and key reserves besides Raymar Morgan. And you added one of the best recruiting classes this season. Now answer this: Why would you leave now when you're in position to possible win the national championship?

You have a legacy, a talent that's rare, and respect from the Michigan State community. Turning your back on them now is like a slap in the face. 

Tom Izzo, everybody wants you to stay, and like Pitino said, "If he takes over at Cleveland without Lebron, he's going to end back up in college like the rest of us."

Izzo, it's just best if you turn down the job and return to the NCAA.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell


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