Thursday, June 10, 2010

College Basketball: Kansas Recruit Josh Selby Breaks Hand

Over the past few hours, havoc and disparity have rushed through the city of Lawrence concerning the Big-10 and Pac-10 extensions. It almost looks as if the Big 12 will break up and teams will form the "Pac-16" although some teams might jump to the Big Ten.

The Kansas Jayhawks are not in the mix and in fact, neither the Big Ten nor Pac-10 is interested in them. This spells bad news for the Jayhawks because they are on the outside looking in.

To make things more difficult in Lawrence, their top recruit -which happens to be the number one overall player in this year's recruiting class- reportedly broke his hand during a pickup game. Okay, I’ll let you catch your breath.

Josh Selby was going to be "Mr. Do It All" for the Jayhawks back court. With Sherron Collins gone and no other leader to lean on, the Jayhawks need Selby to heal quickly and get ready for the College Basketball season fast.

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self doesn't think it's a big deal, in fact, he said that the injury shouldn't "set Selby back at all."

Well the broken hand will most likely sideline Selby for 4-6 weeks. This is more than enough time to heal and still get ready for the college basketball season. He has overcome an injury like this before- a slash in his hand that he had to get stitches for. That still didn't stop his production; he played right through it.

When asked about his injury Selby said, “I was once told that if you’re hurt, you can still play,” Selby said. “The only way you really can’t play is when you’re dead.”

Written by DeAnte Mitchell, edits by Rachel Cox


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