Saturday, June 12, 2010

College Basketball: Boise State to Mountain West; KU, K-State and Mizzou Next?

Boise State has always been interested in joining the Mountain West conference. However, things never worked out and they had to stick with the WAC.

Things were sure to work out in the long run, considering how much sense this made for both schools.

Today, it finally worked out and the Broncos gave the Mountain West its tenth program. Similar to the Pac-10 and Big Ten they're headed towards the expansion gates as well.

Everybody knows conference expansions and if you don't I'll give you a rundown.

This off-season, the Big Ten and Pac-10 conferences have been reaching out to teams, mostly in the Big 12, to form a power conference. 

However, the only dilemma with that is, they're only looking at it from one perspective; the football perspective.

Colorado and Nebraska have found their new homes. Nebraska was accepted into the Big Ten, while Colorado bolted to the Pac-10.

Other Big 12 teams like Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are all reportedly proceeding to the Pac-10 as well. 

Meaning the Big 12 could be a distant memory, inspecting that, Texas enclosed the future of the conference in its hands. If they jump to the Pac-10 the Big 12 can't be a power conference anymore. Meaning the remaining teams will have to find new homes.

The Mountain West may have a considerable chance of landing Kansas State or Iowa State. This makes the most sense for the conference, in my opinion.

Kansas and Missouri on the other hand, are too much of a powerhouse for a conference like the Mountain West. They're a lot more competitive, and the teams in the Mountain West wouldn't match the same intensity they would prefer.

That doesn't mean they couldn't join either. Without the offer from the Big Ten, Mizzou may only have a few preferences, interchangeable with Kansas. 

The Big East is an option for all these teams left in the Big 12. I've even heard of a potential SEC jump for Kansas to develop a rivalry with Kentucky.

It's all just a lot of speculation, confusion and nobody really understands, to a certain extent, what is next for these teams. KU, K-State, Mizzou, Texas A&M, and Iowa State are the remaining teams in the Big 12. Where they'll land is a huge mystery. Just don't be stunned if some of these teams land in the Mountain West conference.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell


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