Sunday, June 13, 2010

College Basketball: Alec Burks - the Player Nobody Talks About

Alec Burks was the Missouri Gatorade Player of the year back in his high school days after his senior season. However, that didn't stop him from coming into college unknown.

To name a few, Burks was recruited by notable teams like Kansas State, Colorado, and South Carolina. In the end he favored Colorado and that seemed to be the best fit.

Alec Burks had one of the best freshman seasons in Colorado Buffs' school history.

He scored 17 points, grabbed five rebounds and dished out nearly two assist per outing. He was the second-leading scorer, and grasp the best shooting stoke; hitting more than half of his shots. 

He scored in double-figures every time he got on the hardwood. That's if you do not include the two-minute disaster when the Buffs' played Iowa State.

That alone shows scouts how much they overlooked Burks. Not to mention, he was the Freshman of the Year in the Big 12 conference, that hoisted NBA talent Xavier Henry, Ekpe Udoh, and Avery Bradley.

What intrigues me the most about Burks is his size and length. With that, comes above-average athleticism.

He was recruited out of high school as a point guard. But since his days in high school he has gotten a lot taller, so the Buffs' shifted him to the two guard position. He still had point guard intangibles, displaying great vision and decent passing ability.

He is definitely a huge steal in recruiting. Alec Burks is a very good player that doesn't get respect for what he has achieved.

First off, I want to let you know that Burks has a lot of upside. He continues to grow more and more as a basketball player, and after the freshman year he had, everybody is projecting him as a lottery pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

Burks is listed at 6'6'' which is ideal for a NCAA guard, better yet, a NBA guard.

He is very explosive when leaping off the ground. If he wasn't the most talented dunker on this Colorado team, then he was very close. In the open-court he displays some tenacious dunks and alley-oops to finish off the break or possession.

Also with his great leaping ability and explosiveness, comes great ability to finish around the rim. 

He usually likes to throw it down on you, but understands when he cannot and usually still scores the lay-up. 

Similar to the great players; he is always under control when driving to the rim.

He is very proficient with the ball in his hands, and that is the main reason why he converts on the drive more often than not.

It really doesn't matter how he scores, because he has the talent to score in a lot of ways. 

Burks scores proficiently when he faces up and beats the defender off the dribble. Many players underestimate his speed and he just blows right pass you.  He showed you that he has a quick first step and can beat defenders off the dribble.

Also he likes to stop and pop. He is a very good shooter with a lot of potential. He displays a very good form, great lift and a great follow through. His soft touch helps out his jumper a lot as he moves closer towards the paint.

Also when shooting long range bombs he can be just as proficient. Burks can curb himself into a consistent shooter in the college game from beyond the three and should be able to before the season starts.

Alec Burks is a great college basketball prospect and once he puts on more weight, he'll be one of the greatest Colorado Buffs' since Chauncey Billups.

You may not have heard of him because he was in the bottom of the Big 12 for most of the year; but Alec Burks is going into next season as probably the most skilled two guard in the country.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell


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