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2011 College Basketball Recruiting Prospects: Who Is No. 1?

It seems like every year college basketball recruits take the game by storm. You have the game-changers, or as Dickie V would say "Diaper-Dandies" or "P.T.P'ers, Prime Time Players." 

It really doesn't matter what you call them, because they're still going to give your their all every-minute while on the court.

These are the players that college programs wish they could, or grateful to have. The 2011 recruiting class is jam-packed with a lot of talent. 

You have the up-and-coming players like a Luke Mergerson. He is a 6'7'' Power Forward that makes the opposition look invisible on the low block.

Then you have Quincy Miller, and Michael Gilchrist. These two are arguably the two best forwards in the recruiting class. But, who is the No. 1 overall recruit?

Here are four prospects, you choose:

Marquis Teague PG 6'2'' 
School: Kentucky

Marquis Teague is the best point guard in the upcoming recruiting class. He is 6'2'' and has the ability to create for others. 

He displays great vision and the ability to get into the gaps and make the right passes.

He is a smart player that knows a lot about the game. That works well on both offense and defense.

What makes him the best point guard in the recruiting class is his ability to be a big-time scorer. He can create for himself just like he can create for others.

He changes speed better than any player in the country. He looks like he will be more comfortable in an up-tempo offense but I think he would fit in any kind of offense. 

He has already committed to the Kentucky Wildcats for the 2011 season, and I think Coach Calipari will turn him into a lottery pick once he decides to leave as well.

Quincy Miller PF 6'10''
School: Undecided

Quincy Miller is a big time player. He has the winners’ mentality and cannot be stopped on the court.

He can be one of the greatest players in the class of 2011. In my opinion, he is the best!

He has the ability to score at will. When he gets around the painted area, he finishes strong around the rim, highlighted by a lot of dunks on defenders.

Not just that, he has the ability to control the rock at 6'10''. 

With his ball-handling skills come a lot of crossover dribbles that sends defenders to the floor and follow-up jumpers.

What makes Miller the best player in the recruiting class is his attack mode.

Once he is zoned in and he is looking to attack you all game. It's nothing pretty. He can put down 50 a night if he wanted to.

But while in his attack mode, he shares the ball, runs the offense, makes his team better and most importantly defends the ball.

He has the ability to be a weak-side shot blocker showing great lateral quickness and good jump on the ball.

Whichever team acquires Miller is looking forward to a big time player. Everybody wants him, but only one team can have him.

Michael Gilchrist SF 6'6''
School: Kentucky

To many college basketball scouts, Gilchrist is the best player in the upcoming 2011 recruiting class. 

He has good ball-handling skills that he incorporates well into his offense. He crosses defenders over, and beats them off the dribble. 

In transition, he can play the point guard role and push the ball. It's a lot of things Gilchrist can do well, but the most notable one is compete.

He is a joy to have on your team. He is always eager to get better, and compete with the best. He constantly is working on his game, what some would call a gym rat. Not to mention, he is an all-around team player.

He is a potent offensive player that can score in many ways. He can pull up with range to about 20 feet, and attack the lane better than any small forward in the country.

However, when he is on the court it isn't all about him. He can create for others as well. He can pass the ball efficiently setting up his teammates whenever he can.

He displays point guard like vision, at 6'6'' and the ability to pass the ball.

There has been word that Gilchrist may decommit from his verbal agreement with the University of Kentucky, so he may not be a lock.

It really doesn't matter what school he goes to, they're going to drool over his potential and skills.

Austin Rivers PG/SG 6'4''
School: Undecided

Austin Rivers is the son of current Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers. With that, you can understand that he has a high understanding of basketball.

Rivers is a very versatile guard. Many have him as a shooting guard, but he can also play point guard. While being present at the Elite Youth Basketball League, I noticed he took the more traditional role of playing point guard.

He hit three-point jumpers consistently and started getting his teammates involved with the offense. However, he came down with an ankle-sprain, which pulled him out of the game.

Along with his ability to stretch the floor is his aggressiveness. He likes to penetrate the lane. Most defenders like to play him close because of his deadly range, but that's when he penetrates and scores around the basket.

He handles the ball very well and displays a lot of go-to-crossover moves. His most famous, jab step and shoot is the most effective, but he can also do other moves to send defenders to the floor.

Not to mention, he is a very explosive guard. He has major leaping ability and likes to throw it down when he can. He has countless dunks over defenders and that will continue the more he plays basketball.

He is a big-time player that can give you key minutes at any guard position. The Florida Gators seem to be his front-runners but Duke, KU, and Kentucky has also been added to the mix.

His recruiting process will be interesting to see.

So what do you think? Who is the best 2011 college basketball prospect, Miller, Rivers, Teague or Gilchrist?

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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