Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Washington Wizards Draft Grade

Washington Wizards Draft Pick

John Wall 6'4'' Point Guard

John Wall has the most upside of any recruit in this draft class.

He has great speed and he uses that when pushing the ball up and down the court in transition.

He is equipped with great athleticism and elite ball-handling skills.

He beats a lot of defenders off the dribble with his quickness and finishes strong once he gets around the rim.

Wall is a big time athlete. He is very long, and can lock down defenders at the next level. Not only that, but with his length he can also become a weak-side shot blocker.

Wall is a great pick if you're rebuilding your team. He has everything you want in a basketball player, now it's all about improving.

Acquired off of trades

Kirk Hinrich 6'4'' Shooting Guard

Kevin Sherapin 6'9'' Power Forward

Sherapin had thought about pulling out of the draft because of injury problems but I'm sure he is glad he stayed in.

He is a great defender in the post. He has an NBA ready body and can bang with the best of them. He is very athletic and displays flashes of a great player. Around the rim he likes to throw down a lot of dunks and does it consistently

Trevor Booker 6'8'' Power Forward. 

Booker is a very under-sized four-man but makes up for it with his strength and athleticism. He is actually the fastest prospect in the draft, running a faster time in the 3/4th court sprint than John Wall.

He moves well without the ball, has soft touch around the rim and a very explosive athlete. Once he gets around the rim you can expect him to throw down dunks or put-backs

Hamady N'daiye 7'0'' Center

N'diaye is a big time defensive presence. At 7'0'' he has the ability to block shots in the paint as well as alter shots if he is not able to get to them.

He isn't just all defense either. He needs to stay alert when catching the entry pass, but when he gets the ball in the post, he has soft touch and usually hits the jump hooks.


The Washington Wizards no doubt had the best draft. They acquire their franchise player in John Wall, and added explosive Trevor Booker to increase the frontline. Not to mention the long N'diaye.

With such young talent across their roster, the Wizards aren't going to make a huge splash during next season but will let people know that they are seriously improving.

Draft Grade: A+

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