Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Utah Jazz Draft Grade

Utah Jazz Draft Picks

Gordon Hayward 6'9'' Small Forward

With Gordon Hayward there are two key things that stick out the most. First thing is his leadership. Hayward was the vocal leader for the Butler Bulldogs and his leadership led them to the biggest game in school history.
Secondly, his jump shooting ability; Hayward is a set shooter. He likes to find the soft spots in the defense and set up for the jump shot. He can also shoot off the dribble and hit step back jumpers.
Usually, when a player with a proficient jumper like his never chases the rebound down because he is so confident in the shot; well with Hayward, he is confident in his shot but still chases down the offensive board.
He is always looking for that second-chance opportunity whenever it's presented.
He has good ball-handling skills that he uses to break down defenders and get into the lane. He uses a lot of crossover dribbles to get by the defender. When he doesn't have the shot he does have the vision to kick it out to his teammates.
He is 6'9'' 210 pounds, which is good size for a NBA small forward.
Jeremy Evans 6'9'' Forward
Evans is a 6'9'' versatile forward. He is a extremely athletic player with a big wingspan. He is equipped with big time leaping ability and will dunk everything he puts his hands on. This shows you his aggressiveness on offense.
He is a good rebounder and loves to grab them to start off transition. In transition, you can lob it up to Evans and expect a highlight reel slam.

Utah gave us a curve ball when they selected Gordon Hayward. However, he is the perfect for the Jazz. Hayward is better suited for the halfcourt style--like at Butler. Not to mention, he had his best shooting games in the Jazz building.

Evans is nothing more but a Paul Millsap clone. A very explosive player than can score at will. He will be a high production guy.

Draft Grade: B

Written by DeAnte Mitchell 

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