Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Toronto Raptors Draft Grade

Toronto Raptors Draft Picks

Ed Davis 6'9'' Power Forward

Ed Davis the 6'9'' power forward out of the University of North Carolina.
Remember back when the Tarheels were National Champions? The X-factor definitely had to be Ed Davis. He came off the bench behind Hansbrough and sparked the Tarheels offensively and defensively. He could have came out last year and been selected as a lottery pick, but instead went back to school and is still considered a lottery pick.
One thing Davis' does well is executes offensively. He has that baby hook in the post that he shoots very proficiently.
Around the rim he displays soft hands, which allows the guard to throw the entry pass and expect him to catch it every time. Also he showcases nice touch around the rim as well.
He finishes strong around the rim, and when he misses his shot or a rebound comes off the rim Davis' is in hot pursuit. His wingspan allows him to snatch down a lot of balls off the glass and put it back for the score.
Defensively he displays very good footwork in the post. He slides his feet really well and keeps the defender in front of him. His defensive mechanics are amazing and he has the ability to lock down on defenders.
Ed Davis is committed to playing defense and he plays it well. He can be a defensive stopper or the ultimate protector of the paint.

Soloman Alabi 7'1'' Center

Unlike most players from Nigeria or surrounding countries, scouts have high hopes for Alabi.
First off let me tell you the obvious. The scouts love his size at 7'1'' and 240 pounds. Along with that NBA body comes a 7’8’’ wingspan that he uses to his advantage.
He is a very good rebounder. He uses his upper body strength to muscle away the defender and pull down the rebound. He is also good at sealing the defender off and securing the rebound.
Also, with his long wingspan, he can alter and block shots in the post. From the center position he can get up and block attempts at the rim.
On the offensive end he displays some great skills that are rarely seen from African born players.
Alabi has the ability to hit the short and mid-range jumpers as well as finish strong in the paint. He is one of those guys that can clean up his mess proficiently. I have seen a lot of put-back dunks in college from him and expect the same in the pros.
In the post he is a back to the basket type of player. His first move on offense is looking over his shoulder to see his point of attack. His go to move would have to be his jump hooks over his right shoulder.
Alabi has the ability to run the floor in transition as well. He finishes strong around the rim and he can also dish it off in transition if needed.


The Raptors are most likely grabbing Davis because they know Chris Bosh is leaving Toronto. So, with that said, this is a decent pick. This gives them a spark defensively and a growing player offensively.

Not to mention, Soloman Alabi will be a huge contribution defensively.

Draft grade: B-

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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