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2010 NBA Draft Team Needs: Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks

Draft Picks: No. 50
Team Needs: Depth on the wing and frontcourt

The Dallas Mavericks always seem to be the best looking team during the regular season. They acquired some great players to help their playoff cause in Dallas, but was still unable to get out of the first round.

One reason, the wing position is very old. Shawn Marion has hit the wall, and behind him there is no other option.

In the frontcourt, they'll need something strong inside. Mark Cuban loves to win, so you know he will go after a proven winner and a player ready to contribute.

Projected: Dexter Pittman

Houston Rockets:

Draft Picks: No. 14
Team Needs: Legit Center or Versatile Forward

The Rockets aren't as bad as the record says.

The Rockets were without their most talented players--Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming--but still posted a good record and just barely missed the playoffs.

Now with Yao Ming possibly returning, the Rockets look set to contend in the west once again. They are equipped with good guards, and versatile forwards, but after them they lack a dynamic sixth option.

So I envision the Rockets going after a versatile forward in the first round.

Projected pick: Ekpe Udoh

Memphis Grizzlies

Draft Picks: No. 12, 25 and 28
Team Needs: Wing player, and depth

The Grizzlies starting five is amazing. They have one of the better starting fives in the NBA--scoring wise. However, behind the starting five you don't have many contributors.

The Grizzlies need a lot of things and they're in a position to get that in this draft. They have three picks in the first round and will be able to possibly trade if needed.

There biggest need is at the point guard position. But behind John Wall the other point guards in the draft are too risky to select. So I believe they'll add depth in their frontcourt or possibly add a combo guard that they'll try at the point guard position.

Projected pick: Avery Bradley

New Orleans Hornets

Draft Picks: No. 11
Team Needs: Center

The Hornets superstar Chris Paul faced a crucial injury that sidelined him for most of the season. Before he could return, his team was already on the verge of missing the playoffs. Once he returned, the Hornets was already in position to be a lottery selection in the draft.

With that, the Hornets are set up to improve there talented roster.

Chris Paul misses the moments where he was equipped with a big man that he could lob it up to and expect a finish. But they could also go after a player on the wing, seeing that the talented centers may be off the board before the eleventh pick.

Projected pick: Paul George

San Antonio Spurs

Draft Picks: No. 20, and 49
Team Needs: Frontier force -- Center

The Spurs are probably one of the oldest teams in the NBA. They really only have one young player incorporated into their system and that's DeJuan Blair. Other than that, everybody else has significant experience.

They really should keep both picks in the draft and surround themselves with younger talent.

They could add depth to the guard and forward positions; or grab a center to help Tim Duncan in the post. I see them going either way with this pick. The Spurs should be thinking to attack their backcourt before grabbing a player in the post.

With this draft being so forward-oriented, it won't be hard to find a play maker in the second round.

Note: The Spurs may trade up in the draft. I've heard some speculation that they'll trade with the Pacers for some kind of deal including Tony Parker.

Projected pick: Elliot Williams

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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