Saturday, June 19, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Team Needs: Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks

Draft Picks: No. 24, and 53
Team Needs: Frontcourt help or Shooting Guard

The frontcourt of the Hawks is a big problem. In efforts to help their frontline the Hawks moved Josh Smith to the four position and knock Zaza Pachulia out of the starting line-up.

That was a good move, but their frontline is still weak. They're in need of another big man--preferably a center--to aid the frontier troubles.

In addition, the Hawks understand that Joe Johnson may be walking away from the team. It seems that they're willing to accept that and are going to move on without him. With that said, they can go either way with their picks.

Projected pick: Willie Warren

Charlotte Bobcats

Draft Picks: None
Team Needs: Everything

The Bobcats are going to have major trouble this off-season. Raymond Felton is a free-agent and the current cap situation that they're facing won't make it any better.

The Bobcats need a lot of help in their frontcourt. They currently have Tyrus Thomas who will be a restricted free-agent but the Bobcats may retain him. Besides him, they have no other help in the paint. They could trade into the second round of the draft, but they are not equipped with enough trade bait.

Not to mention, their backcourt could use help. Raja Bell isn't the most premier player and Raymond Felton will most likely be leaving as well.

The Bobcats best bet is to scope out the players that didn't get drafted and bring them in.

Miami Heat

Draft Picks: No. 18, 41, 42, and 48
Team Needs: They could use help everywhere but shooting guard position 

In previous drafts the Miami Heat grabbed the best talent off the board and not what their team needed. That turned around and backfired on them and now they're in a situation where they need just about anything. The frontcourt is far from superior and could use a lot of help.

Also in the backcourt resides a few role players at the most and no real threats on offense.

With this being a forward-oriented draft, the Miami Heat's number one priority should be to select the most NBA ready forward off the board to play with Dwyane Wade and possibly, Carlos Boozer or Chris Bosh.

Projected pick: Daniel Orton

Orlando Magic

Draft Picks: No. 29 and 50
Team Needs: Physical four and second option

The Magic need a scorer outside of Dwight Howard. When the three's don't fall for the Magic, they're obviously not the team they are when they hit them consistently. So with that, they brought in Vince Carter but he isn't the same player that can take games over.

They'll need to grab a very offensive prospect off the board in hopes that he can add a consistent spark to the offense.

Also, the Magic could use help in the frontcourt as well. Rashad Lewis isn't the strongest defender and that is exploited when they're playing the better teams in the East. They'll need to grab a defensive presence at the forward position sometime in this draft.

Projected pick: Jordan Crawford

Washington Wizards

Draft Picks: No. 1, 30 and 35
Team Needs: Wing threats, and another frontier player

The Washington Wizards did the impossible and traded away nearly all of their talent. This shows you that they are in a definite rebuilding stage.

They traded away their wing specialist Caron Butler, and Deshaun Stevenson. Not to mention, Antwan Jamison and leaving only Gilbert Arenas out of the four.

So they can definitely use help anywhere they can get it. If I was the Wizards I would be looking at Evan Turner with this pick, but the city of Washington and the organization know that they're going to pick up John Wall.

Projected pick: John Wall

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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