Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Team Needs: Pacific Division

The Golden State Warriors

Draft Picks: No. 6 and 34
Team Needs: Wing players, and frontier depth

The Warriors squad is pretty decent. Their backcourt is very strong with Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. Not to mention, they have Ronny Turiaf in the frontcourt.

Those three players make Golden State; meaning they need more.

The Warriors could use a frontier player, or possible a player on the wing. I've heard some speculation of a possible trade that would land Anthony Randolph with the T'Wolves in exchange for draft picks. If this was to happen the Warriors would most likely go after Kentucky star DeMarcus Cousins. However, if there is no trade, Al-Farouq Aminu will be selected.

Don't be surprised if they are willing to trade Monta Ellis as well. He was trade bait before the NBA deadline and almost landed in Memphis. 

The Warriors will switch up the draft with this pick, whether they decide to keep it or not.

Los Angeles Clippers

Draft Picks: No. 8 and 54
Team Needs: Wing threat

Let's take a good look at the Clippers roster. They have Baron Davis and Eric Gordon in the backcourt. Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman in the frontcourt. But no wing threat to go along with their talented starting four.

So that would make a great case for Paul George to be selected with the No. 8 pick.

They also could use a back-up point guard. They aren't really the deepest team in the league and could use help where ever they get it.

I've heard some trade speculation with this pick as well. The Clippers may trade out of this pick for a wing player and a later pick in the first round.

The have a ton of cap space, so if they aren't able to acquire a decent player in the draft, free-agency is always and option.

Los Angeles Lakers

Draft Picks: No. 43 and 58
Team Needs: Point guard and depth

You may think the NBA champion Lakers don't really have a lot to improve before next season, however, they do.

The point guard position for the Lakers is getting older with Derek Fisher. Fisher often gets beat off the dribble a lot, and Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar are not point guard material. 

They could also use depth in the frontcourt. Every time the Lakers lose Andrew Bynum to injury they have to shift there whole starting line-up. They have been able to overcome it in the past two years with Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom filling the void in the frontcourt but for the future they should look to develop a young center.

Mikhail Torrance might be around when the Lakers are on the clock, and the next pick they could select Dexter Pittman

Phoenix Suns

Draft Picks: No. 46 and 60
Team Needs: Frontcourt and wing players

The Suns have the best point guard in the league. Steve Nash has made some of the unlikely talent into premier NBA players. Just ask Channing Frye.

Nash does this on a consistent basis. However, with Amare' Stoudemire and Channing Frye both testing the free-agent market, the Suns are left with a gap in the frontcourt.

They will only have Robin Lopez left, and thank Grant Hill for picking up the player option or they would have had big problems.

At No. 46 they could get some talented players. Like a Luke Harangody or Trevor Booker.

They could also use depth at the shooting guard position. Jason Richardson is getting to be old and although he is still good, he will run out of gas before you know it.

They could use some young talent. Andy Rautins would be a great fit for the Suns.

Sacramento Kings

Draft Picks: No. 5 and 33
Team Needs: frontcourt and wing players

Last year, the Kings selected Tyreke Evans in the NBA draft. During the season, it was evident that Kevin Martin and Tyreke Evans couldn't play together because both are two ball-dominant so the Kings traded Martin and kept Evans.

Now this coming up season, the Kings are looking to build on their success. They recently traded Spencer Hawes and Andres Nocioni to add center Samuel Dalembert. This lead me to think they were going after Georgetown's forward Greg Monroe.

They loved him during the workouts and trading away Spencer Hawes gave it up.

The Kings will also need to add consistent players on the wing with the thirty-third pick. They could slide in and be apart of the Willie Warren sweepstakes or if he is off the board by then, they'll take Dominique Jones.

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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