Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Team Needs: Central Division

Chicago Bulls

Draft Picks: No. 17
Team Needs: Scoring

The main problem with the Bulls this season was scoring. This brought me to believe they'll get the best scoring prospect off the board at seventeen.

Outside of Derrick Rose you had John Salmons, but he was later traded which leaves a hole for the Bulls. With so much offensive talent in this upcoming NBA draft I don't believe it will be hard to find. They could use scoring on the wing or down-low.

Projected pick: James Anderson

Cleveland Cavaliers

Draft Picks: None
Team Needs: LeBron James

With no draft picks and little money the Cavaliers are hoping that the hometown favorite theorem will land LeBron James back in Cleveland. If he is to leave, this team will be drafting in the lottery next year.

Detroit Pistons

Draft Picks: No. 7 and 36
Team Needs: Frontier depth

The backcourt is set with Ben Gordon, Rodney Stuckey, and Richard Hamilton. However, the frontcourt is aging and needs some attention. The Pistons frontier players all lack the elite size needed to compete with the bigger centers in the league. So going after a proven player in the post is ideal for the Pistons.

Also, they may even end up trading the pick and a player to move up in the draft to select DeMarcus Cousins. I've heard scouts throw in Tayshaun Prince as trade bait which will be a nice addition to any team.

Projected Pick: Cole Aldrich

Indiana Pacers

Draft Picks: No. 10, 40 and 57
Team Needs: Point guard

The Pacers is the team that is most likely going to trade out of the tenth selection for a proven point guard in the league. They have a lot of core players and one superstar in Danny Granger. In the backcourt is T.J. Ford and Earl Watson. Two guards that are usually coming off the bench rather than starting games. So, you may see the Pacers trade out of this selection and get a point guard.

This draft forwards class is deep. So, with that said, I believe they'll be able to acquire a decent post player late in the draft.

Projected pick: Ed Davis,

Milwaukee Bucks

Draft Picks: No. 15, 37 and 47
Team Needs: Wing man, frontier player and scoring off the bench

The Bucks had a decent year with Brandon Jennings leading the team. With Michael Redd injured--as usual--the Bucks was able to overcome that and still make the playoffs. After witnessing their series anybody could tell that they needed another frontier force to play beside Andrew Bogut.

In addition, John Salmons is leaving the team. He played the role as the scorer on the wing and he came in handy in late-game situations.

So grabbing a frontier force and wing threat should be the main priorities for the Bucks

Projected Pick: Larry Sanders

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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