Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Team Needs: Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics

Draft Picks: No. 19, and 52
Team Needs: Bench Players

It's not that hard to figure out the Celtics need a spark off the bench. Behind their starters, there are solid players but no big time scorers that can make an impact on the game.

With Ray Allen possibly leaving, the Celtics will also have to replace his three-point shooting from virtually everywhere on the court.

Projected pick: Gordon Hayward, and Jon Scheyer

New Jersey Nets

Draft Picks: No. 3, 27, and 31
Team Needs: Everything but Center

Escaping the worst record in NBA history, the Nets need help just about everywhere. They could use help in the backcourt just as well as the frontcourt. With Terrence Williams coming on at the end of the season, I don't believe that they need another wing threat.

There main need headed into the NBA draft should be grabbing a power forward or center to play beside their All-Star forward Brook Lopez.

Projected pick: Derrick Favors, Terrico White, and Gani Lawal

New York Knicks

Draft Picks: No. 38, and 39
Team Needs: Literally Everything

The Knicks really surprised me when they cleared their whole roster in order to get LeBron James. If they cannot acquire LeBron James their in major trouble. There is no main position where the Knicks need help. They need help everywhere they can get.

The only decent player on their roster is David Lee and not even he is a sure thing in New York.

Projected pick: Mikhail Torrance and Tiny Gallon

Philadelphia 76ers

Draft Picks: No. 2 
Team Needs: Frontier force, wing player

After the trade that happen not to long ago, that sent Samuel Dalembert to the Kings for Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes has a major effect on this pick. Earlier I would have suggested that the Sixers' could really another big-time playmaker to play with Andre Igoudala.

Whether it was a wing-threat or frontier force. However, with the recent trade that brought in players for the frontcourt, the wing position may be a lock for the No. 2 selection

Projected pick: Evan Turner

Toronto Raptors

Draft Picks: No. 13
Team Needs: Frontier player

Yes, the Toronto Raptors need a lot of other things besides a frontier player but I believe that's their main focus heading into the draft. They're most likely going to lose Chris Bosh, and Hedo Turkoglu wants out so there is no elite talent in the frontcourt.

The Raptors can also use some shooters, but seeing that Turkkoglu wants out of Toronto, they can use him to bring in shooters.

Projected pick: Hassan Whiteside

Written by DeAnte Mitchell



  1. It really wouldnt matter if LaBron goes to New York or not they will still suck.If its about the money stay in Cleveland.

  2. I doubt they'll suck. Because if Lebron James goes to New York he'll bring talent with him.


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