Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: San Antonio Spurs Draft Grade

San Antonio Spurs Draft Picks

James Anderson 6'6'' Shooting Guard

Yes, James Anderson is the best shooting guard in the draft.
James Anderson has ideal size for the shooting guard position, 6’6" 195 pounds. Anderson is a scorer in every sense of the word. Can score the basketball from the inside, where he likes to finish strong at the rim or from the outside where he likes to stretch his jump shot.
He thrives in the catch-and-shoot situation. He has great shooting mechanics, squares his body and get’s great lift on his jump shot.
When he isn’t shooting, he can score the basketball by getting in the lane with the floaters, or finish strong at the rim. He is very aggressive with his offensive attack, taking the ball to the rim more often.
He isn’t just offense. Anderson has a great wingspan for a 6’6" guard and displays great lateral quickness and length. He gets down in good defensive stand, and can lock players down at the next level.
Ryan Richards 7'0'' Center
Richards is a versatile center in the post. He can step out and score on the wing or in mid-range if needed. Not to mention, he is equipped with turnarounds, hooks, and jumpers in the post. He can run the floor in transition and finish around the rim.


The Spurs are getting that wing threat they thought was going to be presented when they acquired Richard Jefferson. Anderson is a perfect fit to the Spurs. He can be a set up shooter on the perimter and be aggressive when needed.

With Richards, the Spurs finally get that legit center to play with Tim Duncan. They struggled finding a legit center but now they have one that can run the floor and score around the basket.

Draft grade: C

Written by DeAnte Mitchell
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  1. nice pick for anderson but get splitter

  2. That was a great pick. Now they finally have the legit wing player now that Ginobli is aging. It definitely a great step.


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