Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Sacramento Kings Draft Grade

Sacramento Kings Draft Picks

DeMarcus Cousins 6'11'' Power Forward

DeMarcus Cousins despite falling to No. 5 is the best big man in this year’s draft. Cousins could have possibly been the No. 1 overall pick if it wasn't for his so called "attitude problems." 

Cousins is a very talented four-man. He is very strong in the post area. He can give you rebounding in the low post on both ends of the floor. 

Also, he will give you scoring down on the low block. He has worked on his post moves and doesn't just over power defenders, he has a nucleus of moves he has assembled and will use them effectively at the next level.

Cousins' is not always around the painted area though. When he came into Calipari arms, he seriously wanted to be a point guard. He has good handle, and the ability to beat defenders off the dribble. I even witnessed him pre-game knocking down jumpers from the college three-point line. 

Not to mention, he has the ability to play lock down defense. If he is committed to playing defense, and continues to improve his game, he'll be the biggest draft steal at No. 5.

Hassan Whiteside, 7'0'' Center

Hassan Whiteside is a great player. He has a ton of potential but is still ready to contribute to an NBA team. 

He has a 7'7'' wingspan, very coordinated and a sure post presence. 

Whiteside a very long athlete came on the college scene because of his defensive presence. In just a three-fourth of the college season, Whiteside had already broken Marshall's school record for blocked shots.

Whiteside is a big-time defensive player with a lot of potential on offense. He is very long so that helps with put-backs and rebounds. Not to mention, he can score with his back towards the basket. 

What is my biggest concern about Whiteside is can he step out and hit mid-range jumpers consistently. He can shoot the ball it's just more about how much more he can expand his range. 


The Sacramento Kings had one of the better drafts tonight. They got two great players in Cousins and Whiteside. 

Both players will be an immediate spark in the post for the Kings. Add Jason Thompson and Tyreke Evans in the mix and you're looking at one of the most improved teams in the league.

Cousins will bring you immediate offense to the paint. Not just that, but he will also be good in the pick-and-roll and mid-range game.

Whiteside is what you need defensively in the post. 

Last year, the Kings gave up 104 points a game to opposing defenses. With Whiteside in the post, that will not happen.

His 7'7'' wingspan will be put to work and showcased in the Kings frontcourt right away. He will block and alter a lot of shots at the next level. He will be the ultimate paint protector for the Kings

Draft Grade: A+

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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