Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Report Card: How Did Your Team Do?

Here are all the teams that drafted in the 2010 NBA Draft: Click on the team name to see how your team fared. (The teams in bold didn't have any draft picks)

Western Conference

2.    Phoenix Suns
Northwest Division 
2.    Utah Jazz
3.    Denver Nuggets
Southwest Division 
3.    Houston Rockets
5.    Memphis Grizzlies 

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
1.    Philadelphia 76ers 
2.    Boston Celtics
3.    New York Knicks
4.    New Jersey Nets
Central Division
1.    Detroit Pistons
2.    Indiana Pacers
3.    Chicago Bulls
4.    Milwaukee Bucks
5.    Cleveland Cavaliers
Southwest Division 
1.    Atlanta Hawks 
2.    Miami Heat 
3.    Charlotte Bobcats
4.    Orlando Magic

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