Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Portland Trailblazers Draft Grade

Portland Trailblazers Draft Picks

Elliot Williams 6'4'' Shooting Guard

Elliot Williams is the transfer from Duke. That was a good thing in the long run, because it showcased many things scouts couldn’t see at Duke.
At Memphis, he showcased his ability to run the point guard position. However, he played most of the year at the two guard position.
Williams is a very long athlete which compliments well when trying to defend multiple positions.
His jump shot has improved, and will probably see Williams playing the role
of the slasher. Because, in my eyes he is stuck between the one and the two.
Nothing bad about that just shows his versatility and how well he can adjust his mindset for the game.

Armon Johnson 6'3'' Point Guard

Armon Johnson is a 6'3", left-handed point guard, with the ability to score the basket at will.
He is very quick on the court, which benefits transition plays. It also translates well in the one-on-one situations. He uses his speed to blow past the defender and uses his vision to either kick it out, or keep it himself and score the basket.
Along with his driving ability is his jump shot. He gets a lot of lift on his shot, and doesn’t hesitate to take the shot. That can sometimes be a good thing or bad thing.
But he is equipped with a high basketball I.Q. and knows his limit on offense and won’t exceed it very often. Not unless he's doing the impossible—which I was happy to witness a few times.
But enough with offense. Let’s talk a little defense.
With his 6'3" frame, he is able to get into the defender and not allow him to get in his offensive set.
Very key for teams in the West that display some of the best point guards in the NBA.

Acquired off trades
Luke Babbitt 6'8'' Small Forward

Luke Babbitt is a 6'8'' 220 pound scoring machine.
He has a natural feel for offense and scores in a variety of ways. Sometimes he likes to shoot the ball. His shot ranges all the way to about the NBA three-point line. Right now, I can already see Babbitt shooting consistently from the NBA three-point line.
Babbitt is going to be able to shoot consistently from mid-range as well. When Babbitt is getting ready for his attack, when the defender is in front of his dribble-drive he likes to pull up for the mid-range jumpers.
Babbitt is very aggressive with his offensive attack and doesn't back down from any defender.
Even without the ball, Babbitt is a threat on offense. He moves well and you can lob it up to him for the alley-oop slam.


The Trailblazers needed to help their backcourt out a lot. With both of these picks they get two potential players that can play the point guard position. 

Williams and Johnson playing with Andre Miller in the backcourt will be a great learning experience for both rookies.

Not to mention, adding a player like Luke Babbitt to the wing is beneficial to the guards. He is a lights out shooter and good slasher. 

Draft Grade: B-

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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