Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NBA Draft: Phoenix Suns Draft Grade

Phoenix Suns Draft Picks

Gani Lawal 6'9'' Power Forward

Lawal is a very physical post presence. At 6'9'' he makes up for the height advantage with terrific strength in the post.

He makes a lot of jumpers outside of the paint, but he can also bang his body inside and score the ball. He is most known for his turnaround jumpers with his back to the basket.

Once he gets around the rim he finishes strong as well. I witnessed him throw down a lot of dunks when he gets deep around the rim.

On defense, due to his length and strength he will be a great defender at the next level. Mix that with his long wingspan and you have a solid defender at the four-position.

He is a good rebounder and his offensive skill-set is raw.

Dwayne Collins 6'8'' Power Forward

Collins is a very under-sized forward that you may not have heard about. To make up for his height, he is very strong.

He has a nice, solid frame with a great wingspan.

In the post he likes to overpower defenders with his strength. But he doesn't just stand around the rim and wait for the ball he moves around on offense really well. He is listed at 245 pounds but can move very quickly.

He can step outside the rim and hit the mid-range jumpers consistently and is a precise player when cutting to the rim. That works well when you're with a point guard like Steve Nash that loves to run the pick-and-roll.


The Suns drafted really late in the second round but they still got decent players that will increase their frontline. But one thing should stick out to you; they both play the power forward position.

Amare Stoudemire also plays the power forward position so; does that mean the Suns know he is not coming back?

The Suns grabbed talent that will help them in the future. They really needed a center and should have went after Brian Zoubek with the last pick in the draft, but two physical guys that can poise as replacements if Stoudemire does leave, cannot be too bad.

Draft Grade: C+

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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